Most to Least Used Auto Transport Service

In this blog, we are going to rank the car services that are used the most to ones that are not used as often (every service gets a lot of demand, but some are simply asked for way more than others). We are here to rank them and give a little description on what each one specializes in.

Open Transport
Open Car Transport is the most used auto transport service in general. It is also the most iconic out of the bunch because everyone has seen at least one on the highway (they have two decks and carry 8-10 vehicles at a time). Open Car Transports are the most common kind of carrier, meaning that anyone can book one at any time of the year and there will almost always be one available. Like most of the other transport services, it is best to call one week in advance to secure a spot on a carrier that best suits your schedule.

Enclosed Transport
Enclosed Car Carriers are the 2nd most used service. The reason they are not number one is because they are a little more expensive than an Open Car Transport. Enclosed services do what their name implies and are fully enclosed. These are still double-decked and carry 6-8 vehicles, but the people who opt for Enclosed Car Transports usually have higher end vehicles (exotic and luxury brands). The reason being is because an Open transport has the vehicles be exposed to varying weather and road conditions, which someone who has a higher-end vehicle will not want risk getting their car dirty or have their paint chipped for. However, this does not mean that if you have a “commuter car” you cannot use an Enclosed Car Transport. There are plenty of people who would pay a little more so they feel more at peace with their car being enclosed from the elements.

Expedited Transport
Expedited services used to be the least used transport service for two reasons: people did not know they existed and because they are too costly. However, our auto transport company has gotten a lot of business when it comes to Expedite services. Expedite services are the fastest in the auto transport industry because they carry only 1-3 vehicles on them at all times. For cars, Expedited services come Enclosed, so they provide protection from weather and road conditions as well. The price points are still high, and they are still intended to be used as a last-minute service, but there have been people who choose to transport exclusively with Expedite services because they can afford it.

Soft-side Transport
Soft-side transports are still used today, however, there are mostly for slightly larger vehicles are vehicles that have modifications to the front or rear that cannot be easily removed. These are also fairly more expensive than an Open transport and Enclosed transport because it is a modified Enclosed service that has soft tarps on the sides so that any modified vehicles can poke out and not be damaged during transport. The reason Soft-sided Transport is at the bottom this list is because it services a very specific audience, though it is still highly used in the auto transport industry.