Nationwide United Is Known For

Our company has the expertise that has been around for over 15 years. Over this time, Nationwide United Auto Transport has built a reputation that many of our recent customers can back up. We are one of elite auto transport companies and do well over year, but the thing that brought us to our current position is our communication and our care for every customer & their vehicle. We always go the extra mile and pride ourselves in how well we communicate with our customers.

When dealing with something as delicate as a car or vehicle, owners appreciate updates on their vehicle during transport. A customer can ask an auto transport company’s broker to contact the carrier driver to update you on your vehicle’s status. If a customer does not do that, one of our brokers will contact the customer on when their vehicle will arrive or any other major updates (as the transport goes on, they will update the range of days till delivery). We have found the right amount of communication to where the customer gets what they want to know, but it is never annoying to receive an update from us.

A lot of our customers know that they can rely on us to get a job done well. This is because we will ask the right questions and even give you our professional feedback on services that would best serve you. There are instances that customers transport often but decide to transport with us for the first time and they had been using the wrong transport for their vehicle without knowing it (usually a high-end vehicle in Open transport or Oversized vehicles on the wrong flatbed configuration). We will tell you to take off any modifications to vehicles if it is needed, but if these modifications cannot be taken off easily or it is too expensive to take off, then the auto transport broker will find a transport configuration to keep your vehicle in pristine condition.

When it comes to transporting, we do our job well. We are always professional and want everyone to win in this process. If damages happen (which are rare in the auto transport industry), we will handle it in a polite manner and take responsibility if it is on our fault. Most people can get behind our process because it is quick, but hits all the points it needs to have a smooth transport.