Notes When Prepping Your Vehicle

Before a transport takes place, the owner of the vehicle must go through its interior and exterior with care. The exterior is a little more important because a driver will only be inside a vehicle to get it on and off a carrier. There are certain things that are mandatory to check and the rest is to compare the vehicle before the transport and afterwards.

The Mandatory
Some things that have to work great are the tires, brakes, and steering wheel. If one or several of these do not operate well, we highly recommend getting them fixed because an auto transport company may charge more. In certain cases there may have to be a crane or lift-cart at the pick-up and drop-off locations which will be more expensive. Everything else is noted for the customer’s peace of mind.

Rest of the Vehicle
If there are any damages to the body of the vehicle beforehand, that needs to be noted, along with other damages to headlights, handles, screens, etc. This is done because damages might occur during a transport (it is rare, but they do happen). As a customer, you do not have to take your vehicle if you see new damages on it after a transport. When it comes to dealing with damages that are the fault of the transport driver, the customer must call the auto transport company’s broker that they booked with to deal with insurances and logistics. The general rule is that the more you write, the more likely you will win the fault claim.