Open Transport High End Vehicles

Open car transport is a great service and is the most common and iconic forms of auto transports. Many people do not even know that there are other transport options. However, we are going to talk about higher-end vehicles opting for open car transports willingly, the pros about it, as well as the cons.

The Norm
Usually, we will recommend having higher-end vehicles on some sort of enclosed service, and that is what owners of higher-end vehicles usually ask for. The reasons being is because they would rather not have to worry about having to get a car wash once their vehicle arrives. When weather and road conditions are a concern in some states, an enclosed transport is highly considered by many of these owners. The main reason exotic and luxury vehicle owners go for an enclosed auto transport is because they always want their vehicles looking the best, and to have any chip-damage from the road or weather can easily be avoided by concealing their vehicles.

The Pros
The most obvious “plus” is that you save money every time you opt for an open car transport over an enclosed one. Open carriers are more abundant and available than any other transport service, hence why they are not as expensive as other services. However, you are “risking” more by trying to save upfront opposed to “saving” in a worst-case scenario.

The Cons
Another big con is cost, but it is more discrete. Though damages in the auto transport industry do not happen often, auto transport companies are required to be insured for a reason. In the case of the second stack of cars falling and damaging the lower ones, or even by falling down a couple feet while still on the top stack, insurance will need to be able to cover that. Now, most people who choose open car transport usually have “everyday vehicle”, and the cost of repairs is not as expensive as any exotic or luxury brand. However, if your exotic/luxury vehicle were to be damaged at all during transport, it is not guaranteed that the insurance provided from open car transports can cover the full amount. That is why owners of more expensive vehicles would rather choose an enclosed option, because there is less of a chance of damages, but the insurance coverage is also greater to cover those damages.

So, should you always opt for an enclosed transport? No, not really. Like we said, damages do occur, but these are rare. Most of the time, you are simply going to be saving money and just need to get a car wash.