Popular Super Car Brands in U.S.

When you are doing your daily commute just looking at the same Honda Civics, Toyota Corollas, Jeeps, and other common commuter vehicles, it can get a little boring. But then, you hear an engine that is louder than anything you ever heard and before you know it, something bolts right pass you and you don’t know what it is until it is already off in the distance (unless you are in traffic, then you get to admire it). That thing that zipped passed you was a super car, a true rarity on the road. Not everyone has seen one in person, but everyone has dreamt about owning one. We are here to give you a list of America’s favorite super car brands.

10. Ferrari
Ferrari is extremely popular, topping out with over 55 million fans. It may come to a shock to you that Ferrari is in 10 th place because it is so well known, but the reason it is not any higher is because there are more fans for the rest of the brands on this list (we used Super Cartography for our ranking). Ferrari is a classic, we all know and love the 488 GTB, California T, and the rest of the vehicles that Ferrari has produced.

9. Porsche
Porsche has the most fans (47.5 million in the U.S, 2 nd in the world) but it is not higher because when you adjust for fan concentration it comes in 9 th place. Besides that, Porsche is a great brand that never fails to standout. The most popular model from Porsche is the 911 without a doubt, but every Porsche model looks and feels great to drive regardless.

8. Lamborghini
Ferrari beats Porsche in fan concentration and ranks 3 rd with the most fans worldwide (42.5 million). Lamborghinis are the most common supercar brand, at least in California, but they are still a rare sight to see if you do not live near Beverly Hills or near one of the beaches. We can’t complain though because those winged-doors and mean looks will always be a head- turner.

7. Aston Martin
Aston Martin has been on the rise during the last ten years and has surpassed the previously mentioned brands in terms of fan concentration. It comes in in 5 th place for the most fans worldwide (17.5 million) and its most renounced car being the Valkyrie because it is a hyper car (faster than a supercar).

6. Maserati
Maserati has been on the rise as well and many believe that they are a more luxurious brand than Ferrari while still having the same speed. Maserati uses the same power trains as Ferrari, but they plan to change into electric power trains (that will hopefully make them even faster). Maserati barely comes in 4th place in terms of worldwide fans with over 17.5 million fans.

5. Bugatti
Though Bugatti is not near the top of worldwide fans, it is in the top 5 list of Americans. Bugatti has been known as holding the title of producing the fastest commercial car, the Veyron. Recently, Bugatti has developed the Chiron that will best the Veyron in both looks and speed. But unless you have a quick million hanging around, the odds of purchasing one is low.

4. Pagani
Pagani has become extremely popular with their recent release of the Huayra Roadster which looks amazing in every way. Pagani has always made supercars and fanatics of supercars will tell you that these cars are top off the line when it comes to speed.

3. Koenigsegg
This brand has become so popular so fast that it can no longer keep up with demands (there is roughly a four-year waiting list), but they are planning to hire more engineers to help produce these speed demons faster. Koenigsegg is a Swedish brand, but its real popularity comes from the U.S. It is rarer to see this brand in particular because owners do not want to risk any damages or thefts on any of Koenigsegg’s models because they embody the word perfect.

2. Noble
You generally hear this name on the coasts of the U.S or in auto dealers. Noble is a British company, but it gains all its love here in the U.S. It is most recognizable by the huge crown logo it has on its rear. Noble keeps the look of the 1 st two Fast and Furious movies and their speed is surely something you feel if someone zips past you with one.

1. McLaren
McLaren produces just some of the most beautiful super cars. They keep an iconic look, feel great to sit and drive in, and are of course really really fast. McLaren hasn’t even been around for a decade and it has skyrocketed to #1 in terms of fan concentration worldwide. Much like the Bugatti, however, you cannot even dream about owning one until you have at least 1 million laying around.