Prepare Vehicle for Snow Season

vehicle driving during snow storm

The weather is getting colder and winter is coming! Winter brings snow, ice, and extreme winds. But don’t worry about your vehicle—we have some tips to help you prepare for the season ahead. Here are five things you can do right now:

1) Oil Change – One of the most important things to do before heading out into the snow is to change the oil in your vehicle. Make sure that you’re using synthetic motor oil and replace oil filter because these will keep your engine running smoothly when temperatures drop below freezing.

2) Inspect Tires – With all that ice and snow on the ground, how can you know if your tires need attention? Inspect your tires for any cuts or damaged areas which could lead to blowouts in the cold weather ahead. Check tire pressure by using a tire gauge and look closely at tread depth, if there are any issues, make sure they get repaired before snow begins.

3) Check Lights – It can be easy to forget about them during the summer months when they are not needed, but now is the perfect time to test your vehicle’s lights. Check all of your lights (tail lights, brake lights, turn signals) to be sure they work properly on low-beam settings. If any light or signal does not work properly, replace it as soon as possible.

4) Make Sure Defroster/Defogger Works -Make sure your defroster/defogger works properly so you can see clearly while driving in the cold. Start the engine and turn on the defogger. Trace the grid with your fingers and feel for warmth along the wire. If wire feels cold, the defogger grid is broken or there is a bad defogger circuit fuse that needs replacement.

5) Update Wiper Blades – There’s nothing more frustrating than a limited field of vision on the road. Be prepared with a set of wiper blades for snow season. You want to make sure that your windshield stays clear, so it’s advisable to get an updated set of wiper blades. You don’t want to be driving blind during snowing conditions.


The winter months are an excellent time to take care of your vehicle so it’s ready for the snow. We’ve listed five tips that can help you get started on creating a plan for what needs to be taken care of when preparing for snow and ice driving conditions. From inspecting tires to updating wiper blades, these are all great ways to ensure your car is prepared for any weather condition thrown its way. We hope you found the article helpful!

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