Questions to Ask Before Entering Classic Car Show

Classic Car Show

Congratulations! You’ve finally finalized your long time project. After years of admiring and drooling over classic cars, you now get to display your own priced possession. Something to be very proud of.

Being a participant at a classic car show as an owner is a lot different than just attending one and just having to worry about finding parking. You need to choose an event that best suits you and your car. You must get creative with your presentation. Do you start out with a local car show or explore and go with bigger classic shows nationally? And most importantly, how will you get your vehicle delivered to the location in mint condition.

These are some of the things you should focus on before entering a car show, but there’s also other things you should keep in mind…  

Is my car a classic or vintage car?
While there’s much debate on the differences, it all depends on who is hosting the car show. For example, if you ask Classic Car Club of America (CCCA), their definition of classic is “a fine or distinctive automobile produced between 1915-1948, According to California DMV, a classic car is anything over 25 Years old. They do not differentiate between Classics, Vintage and Antique Cars. The basic rule of thumb, anything over 20 Years is safe to consider a Classic, 45 Years for an Antique. Avoid being part of the debate and contact your Car Show event, you will find that they all have their own guidelines and make decisions on what they want or what belongs in their line up.

How do I register my vehicle for a car show?
First, you should cruise around and ask participants to point you in the right direction. They can answer questions like how do you go about registering, locations, fees, deadlines, etc. You can also check with local publications or online for services around your area. Registration is required to participate in a car show. I would say to Pre Register your vehicle to increase your chances of having your vehicle in the line-up.

Do I need to pay any fees?
Expect to pay an entry fee to show off your vehicle, some may not require but just be ready. If you feel the fee is too much, you might want to ask for a way to avoid this fee, perhaps you can ask car shows if they are looking for volunteers to help and set up the event, promote the event or help take tickets from spectators.

Does my classic car need a detailed wash?
Yes! Have your car in mint condition and add a good wax. Don’t just clean the exterior, it is important to clean and detail you car’s interior and exterior, mind the undercarriage, sitting space and under the hood, the engine if you will be displaying. Every single inch of the car should be sparkling. Take it for a good detail, do not go to someone who’s never worked on classic cars. Instead, ask around at car shows, get some recommendations. A good clean should take about 3 to 4 hours.

My car is in mint condition, anything else I should do to have it show ready?
After a good thorough clean and good wax, there is one most important thing you can do, check your car’s fluids, oil, water, brake fluid, etc. You want your car to be ready to run. Your car needs lubricant and water to keep it cool, you don’t want it overheat.

Do I need additional insurance for vehicle shipping ?
Although it sounds like a great idea , the answer is no. Whether you are shipping local or long distance, auto transport companies will carry full insurance coverage. Companies that specialize in classic car shipping will have a much higher coverage. You do however want to make sure you secure the right coverage for your everyday needs. Contact your insurance company and ask about collectible automobile insurance coverage.

My car is not registered , can I still ship it?
Unless your vehicle is registered as Inoperable, your automobile should always be registered. However, you can ship your vehicle even if it is not registered. One piece of advice, make sure it runs and drives, at least well enough (roll, steer and brake) to get on a trailer . Why? For one, it costs more to ship inoperable vehicles and two, most car shows require that the participating vehicles are drive-able.

Best way to transport a classic car?
Classic cars have a sentimental value and are important to you, this is why you want to take your time to find an auto transporter who specializes in shipping classic cars. Do your research on transporting a collectible car. In addition to getting a quote for shipping your car, speak with your transport specialist in depth about your move. An experienced car carrier will suggest using both a stack or non-stacking enclosed auto transport. Ask that they use soft tie-downs, this will avoid scratches on the paint and other damage.

What should I expect from a showroom?
A showroom is a well lit room used to display or show off goods, in this case, your classic car that has been lovingly restored. It is used to illuminate a car properly. The room is filled with people standing around looking at various models of cars, a line up of the “best” cars out there.

How do I make my car stand out at a show?
With experience and talking to other people, you will pickup on ways to make your car attract more attention. You can also look online for advice. Keep in mind, there is more value in looks than the car itself.