Recommendations for Regulars

People who use an auto transport once will likely do it again and eventually will become regulars in the industry. These people usually have an auto transport company as their go to, they have one auto transport broker that they always deal with, and they know what services to get. Once regulars have experienced the auto transport industry for a while, they have a routine set and a lot of brokers will stop making recommendations. We are here to give certain tips that even regulars may not know about.

The Tips
If you have a certain service (let us use the enclosed car service for this example) that you have used since you first started using auto transports, then you may only use enclosed services. However, almost every service has sub-services. For cars, the enclosed and expedited services have a couple sub-services (soft-sided enclosed, hotshot expedite, smaller enclosed configurations). When it comes to flatbed, there are too many different configurations to list out, but they are diverse because flatbeds can transport different sized vehicles from construction vehicles to food trucks. If you have only stuck with one sub-service, then you may want to ask a broker on details about other sub-services that may serve you better.

Some other tips can come from scheduling and the times to call to get the desired transport. We have written a blog about this, but there are a couple of main point. Firstly, know when the down times in an auto transport company’s day are and call then. Knowing the seasons in which there is a lot of business (Summer and Winter) and if it can be helped, try to book a transport during the Spring and Fall.