Reliable Open Car Shipping

Nationwide United Auto Transport wants to keep you updated on all our services. Our open car carrier service is the most common and economical way to transport a vehicle. Our drivers have to distribute weight (approx.30,000lbs) on each side of the carrier (front and back) to properly and safely transport vehicles. Keep in mind- the number one goal is to secure our cargo on our truck. Getting a top spot is not guaranteed because of this, but we can assure you that where ever your vehicle is place on an open car carrier, it will be perfectly safe.

Nationwide United Auto Transport strives to go above and beyond with our service. It is complimentary for us to keep you updated on your vehicle at your request- 24/7. Our open carrier specialists are here for you and are pleased to answer any of your questions. We understand that your vehicle is important to you, so we happily oblige to keep you at peace of mind.