Routes With Harshest Conditions

transport route with harsh conditions

Every route has difficulties, however, with the Winter season being one of the worst weather-wise, some routes will be deemed as harder than others for drivers. This does not make transports impossible, but it may cause for rerouting to occur or for a better service to be used by customers if they want their vehicles untouched by the weather. We are here to give you a couple of routes that are going to cause some trouble this holiday season.

West to East Coast (or Vice Versa)
Whenever you go anywhere from the west coast to east coast, firstly, it is going to be a long transport, and, secondly, you are going to experience drastic weather in the Winter season. The West will experience heavy rain and the east will experience heavy snow. You will also have to go through the middle of the country which also experiences snow, winds, and heavy rain.

South Coast to North Coast (or Vice Versa)
The south coast experiences hurricanes and the north coast experiences the coldest weather in the country (which also means snow). Theses extreme weather conditions call for most customers to opt for an enclosed service. Winds can blow debris towards vehicles at high speeds and most people would rather not risk getting chipped paint on their vehicle’s body or frost damage. If you are going from North to South.

North East to South East
The east coast has snow almost throughout and is the cause for a lot of rerouting for auto transport companies. Sometimes snow is too high for carriers to drive on or the snow makes it too hard for drivers to see ahead of them. The East side of the country are the most common callers during the cold seasons because they tend to move from a colder region to somewhere warmer. The transport starts off hard, but gets easier the more south you get unless there is a hurricane or huge storms across the south east.