Save On Auto Transport

Having your vehicle transported is not a cheap service and many people are scared to book with an auto transport company because of the pricing. However, there are options and sub-services that most auto transport companies offer to make transport less expensive for customers. With almost any auto transport company, you can choose different services and configurations to save you money if it is needed. Let us discuss some of the cheapest ways to save money.

The cheapest transport is opting for Open Car Shipping and transport your vehicle to a location that is not that far. An Open Car transport is the cheapest service you can get, and the only downsides of them is that your vehicle will be exposed to weather and road conditions, as well has getting insured less than you would with an enclosed carrier (during transport). Keep in mind that the other main factor is distance, so the less your vehicle has to move, the less money will be escaping your wallet. Usually, if your vehicle is on a carrier that is full, you will pay less that is why Open carriers are your best bet.

If you feel like you can pay slightly more, we recommend either using Open Carriers to go a longer distance or get an Enclosed Carrier to do the transport for you. An Enclosed Carrier transport gives you more insurance/coverage if any damages were to happen. Some people are willing to spend a little more to ensure that their vehicle will be covered even if it is damaged during transport (this rarely happens). This is as high as we will recommend because the rest of the transport services do pricier and may not be worth it to most people who are in no rush to get their vehicle or do not want to spend a lot.