Signs of a Good Auto Transport Company

Whatever service you want, you want it done well. The same can definitely be said when it comes to someone transporting your vehicle. There are plenty of obvious red flags when you are researching which auto transport company to go with such as really low prices, low communication, and not enough safety features. But we are here to give you a couple of green flags that will lead you to the ideal auto transport company.

The Price
The price that a good auto transport company gives you should account for everyone involved in the operation. Firstly, comes how much is the driver going to get paid and can it cover gas, food, resting, and their bills. Secondly, the customer cannot be paying a ridiculous amount or else the auto transport company loses their business. Lastly, the broker will take a percentage of that cost. What you are looking for as a green flag is a price point that is in the middle ground or for the lowest price while still giving you more services and safety features. There must be a significant trade-off if you are paying more, you must receive more. This is where sufficient research and comparing is needed to narrow down the best options.

Reviews are the best indicator for which auto transport companies you should eliminate from your list. Check our blog on which review websites you should use to find the most authentic reviews.

The more communication an auto transport company is willing to give, the better they usually run as a company. This is a massive green flag and should shoot up a couple of options to the top of your list. Customer service is one of the greatest factors to a great company and it reflects well in the auto transport industry because people want to know that their vehicle is safe and sound.

Great auto transport companies know not to guarantee any pick-up or delivery dates because weather can determine your vehicle delivery is delayed or sped up, or even traffic can put a significant amount of time to your vehicle’s drop-off. An auto transport company should give you a range of time or a “window of time” and then slowly reduce that window’s size as your vehicle gets closer to your drop-off location.