Snowbirds In December

We have talked about snowbird transport before on the blog, but since the holidays are coming up, then we decided that a more in-depth review about what snowbirds do in the month of December. A quick review, snowbirds are people who tend to move from Northern state to either Southern or Coastal states that are warmer during the winter.

In the month of December, snowbirds are highly active because the holidays are a time to spend with family and they tend to spend a long time away from their home states. The usual transport time frame for them would be during the last two week of the year and they will usually return home a week or two after the new year. The usual transport service would have to be some kind of enclosed option to protect their vehicles from snow, rain, dust, and any other weather and road conditions. Snowbirds become the most common customers during the winter season, but besides the fancy name, transports are not bumped up for them. Transport prices stay the same (relative to the month, industry, and auto transport company) for every type of customer and the only things that will affect pricing would be the distance and service.