Soft Sided Enclosed Trailer

You know about the differences of open car service and enclosed car service and that if you want more protection from the elements you should go with enclosed and if you want a cheaper transport, then go with open transport. However, there is another option that many luxury, exotic, and antique car owners almost always take.

If you own one of these types of vehicles, you can ask a transport company if they have a soft-side enclosed trailer. A soft-side wall will ensure that your car will not be against a hard wall that can dent your car’s body if the carrier hits a bump on the road or is rubbing on a wall that may cause your paint to scrub off (this rarely happens). A soft-side is just added insurance to the already protective enclosed service.

You have probably seen a soft-sided trailer on the road before, but these are a lot rarer than your typical enclosed or open trailers. Unlike the two previously mentioned services, we do not recommend the soft-sided trailer to everyone because a normal enclosed transport will suffice if you have a vehicle that is not as high-end, but you still want protection from the elements. We recommend a soft-sided trailer to those who have a high-end vehicle and want it to have a luxurious transport and little-to-no doubt that their vehicle is safe.