Specialties Of Each Transport Service

As you might know, there are various services that are made for different reasons. We are here to give a short list of what each service does and how they can benefit you or filter which ones do not meet your needs.

Open Car Transport

  • Cheapest Car Transport
  • Most Available Service
  • Not the fastest
  • Carries 8-10 vehicles
  • No protection from elements

Enclosed Car Transport

  • Most Well-Rounded Service
  • Protects form weather and road damages
  • Faster than Open Car Transport
  • Slightly more expensive than Open Transport
  • Comes in Soft-side if needed for specialized vehicle

Expedited Car Transport

  • Fastest Transport service
  • Most expensive car service
  • Carries 1-3 vehicles only
  • Enclosed by default

Oversize Vehicle Transport

  • Carries large/ oversize specialized vehicles (buses, food trucks, tractors, etc.)
  • Different flatbed configurations to accommodate different vehicles
  • Lifted and Modified Trucks if needed
  • Hauling

Flatbed Trucking

  • Accommodates Equipment
  • Shared space (to pay less if full space is not needed)
  • Various Flatbed Configurations
  • Conestoga if needed (Enclosed version of Flatbeds)

Inoperable Vehicle Transport

  • For non-working or project vehicles
  • Needs to roll, steer, and brake
  • Lifting vehicles may be needed (this will make transport more expensive)