The Change In Driving Over Years

Everyone drives differently, and we pass down our knowledge onto our children. The only problem is that the way the Department Motors Vehicle wants people to drive has changed from when you may have gotten your license. However, the changes are not as drastic, but it would be good to teach your children the current way to drive.

Where to Put Your Hands
What most people have learned is to put your hands at almost 2 and 10. Now, it is required that people drive at almost 3 and 9. This is because the technology put into newer vehicles makes airbags more effective but keeping your hands in that position will keep your hands out of harm’s way. This also helps the driver keep a tight grip on the wheel when a road is bumpy or slippery.

A Longer Test
That is right. Now, your kids will have to spend more time behind the wheel when taking their license test. This means that they will need have more practice and need to check more than you did when you took your test. This promotes better drivers and put up a more realistic driving experience. Of course, this will mean that chances to make errors is greater, but it should be fine if your child is taught correctly and gets enough practice.

Changing Gears
If you are driving a manual car, then you know that you have to change gears. The deal with newer cars is that you can skip gears sometimes without stalling. You no longer have to gradually change gears. In the right circumstances, you can skip a gear.

DMV testers do not want to see a driver solely depend on navigation apps for them to get around, but they may want to see that you can use navigation apps to your advantage and make movements based on the help of navigation. Your children should be able to find their way around after taking a route several times, so take away the navigation after practicing with them on the freeway a couple times.

The changes are not drastic, like I said before, but they are updated, and more is required for your kids to know. This is not meant to scare you or your children because these rules only make a better driver, thus making the next generations better drivers.