The Future of Transportation

The way we want to get over traffic is insane, but we surely can’t wait to see traffic reduced and the cool vehicles that will make life easier. These vehicles seem like they are so far into the future that they still seem like fantasy. However, many of these are being made or have been made already.

Autonomous Vehicles
We’ve talked about autonomous vehicles a lot on the blog, so we’ll make it quick. These vehicles are already out on the road with Tesla’s SUV, Sedan, and now a Semi truck. These vehicles are not 100% autonomous, but Tesla is almost there. For now, one of their cars can steer itself and move along the highway for you. Eventually, the vehicles will be able to stop at stop signs, stop lights, move around the city easily, and travel across the country without your influence.

Futuristic Subways
Again, Tesla is pushing the boundaries and wants to create a futuristic subway system. They have already begun construction in Los Angeles, California. The process is that people will have their own personal pod and they can travel on the system at 150 miles per hour. However, Tesla realizes that as this means of transportation become more popular, traffic jams will move from the highway and to the subway system.

The two companies that are developing the Hyperloop are Tesla (they’re doing almost everything now) and Hyperloop. A Hyperloop puts a train in a tube, which keeps it encased and away from air resistance and a lot of friction. There are several complications with a Hyperloop though. Firstly, a Hyperloop has to go straight or else people will get sick, which is understandable because the Hyperloop would travel at over 600 miles per hour. Second, the tube must be vacuum sealed which takes a lot of time and money.

Flying Cars
Though there are not any flying cars on “the road”, they are being developed, but mainly for Taxi and Uber services. Uber has even partnered up with NASA to help develop this technology. The fact that NASA is helping in the endeavor, makes Uber want to have this technology up in the air by 2023. The hardest thing to coordinate is the routes these flying cars will take and landing. Landing is a big one because you must have enough space to land and others must be aware of you and be willing to move.

All these vehicles are being made and being upgraded to meet our needs. Within the century, at least half of these should be up and running effectively. We hope to see these vehicles worldwide and see traffic reduced drastically.