The Ideal Car Color

We are just going to be direct with you guys- silver is the most popular color on all types of vehicles. However, colors such as white and black sees to always follow right after. Not to mention that color popularity seems to change every year. So, should you just go with silver and call it a day? Well, not necessarily because many factors go into what a car’s color should be. Here are a couple of those factors.

Your Favorite Color
First comes you. Everyone has a favorite color and may want to translate that onto your car. The problem with this is that your favorite color may not look great with your vehicle. For example, a lime green or yellow Buggie fits, but those colors on a Toyota Camry may not look the best. However, at the end of the day, if you love your car a certain color, get it done. You purchased your car, so redesign it the way you see fit.

Type of Vehicle
Now the reason of why silver, white, and black are the most popular colors on cars is because how they make a vehicle look. The most popular color for SUVs is white, followed by silver, then black. For luxury cars, the most popular color is silver. Silver dominates the type of cars as well. Many believe that silver dominates over other colors because it shows definition better than other colors. However, some believe that the color silver is tied to what we see technology as, mostly from media such as movies and cartoons. The reason white and black are trending as well is because they are tied to our depiction of the future. Notice that classic vehicles have more color than most vehicles today. When you think classic Mustang, you picture it being red or blue with white stripes. When you think Tesla, you see one that is most likely white or black. Usually, the newer the car, the less color there will be. Though this isn’t always true, for example, with most Lamborghini models having vibrant colors.

We recommend sticking with the 3 neutral colors because they look best on most cars, but if you think a car looks better with a different color or if you have a classic car, change it up a little bit. Trends change, so color on cars may come back for a time and push the neutral colors “of the future” out of the spotlight. Have fun with your car and style it up!