Tips to Prevent Car Theft

No matter what car you have, you always feel worried about your car getting stolen or damaged. Unless you have a highly secured garage and a maximum security on your vehicle, then you are always going to be feeling the need to protect your vehicle. We are here to give you some tips on how on how to reduce the chances of your car being stolen or damaged. Keep in mind that the point of this game is to make your vehicle less attractive (make it harder to break in or to drive).

Lock the Doors
This is the first step that thieves have to go through to get into your car. Do not do them the favor of making it easier on them. A good portion of people do not lock their doors once they leave their vehicle unattended. No matter where you are or how long you are gone for, leave your car locked. Common places for car thefts to occur are gas stations, in urban areas, and parking lots.

Put It in a Garage
If you have a garage, then your vehicle is already 10 times more protected than one on a driveway or on the street. However, most people do not have one and have to either settle for parking on public streets or rent out a garage. We recommend spending a little bit more to rent a garage, especially if you live in urban areas, because they added protection will negate the cost, especially if you have a car that many people would love to steal.

Set Up an Alarm System
An LED light that is clearly visible signals to thefts that your car has an alarm system, and if your car is one of many in an area, they will most likely avoid your car because you have just made their job harder. If they do decide to break into your car, then they will be hit with a pretty loud alarm and you will be alerted.

Hide Your Valuables
If you have money or nice jewelry showing, then you are more likely to get you car stolen, obviously (don’t take precautions but still leave valuables in sight, because the reward seems greater for a thief). It is best to keep all your valuables hidden or not in your car at all to prevent this.

Use a “Club”
“The Club” has become easier to get over, but it signals to thieves that you care about your car and that you likely have other things such as trackers and alarms installed as well. There are recently new devices that act like a club but for your pedals, that way the thief can drive away. It is a helpful tool but know that it can be worked around.

Get Detachable Steering Wheels
You can literally remove your steering wheel, thus making it almost impossible for a thief to drive away. This also makes your car look rundown and may lead a thief to think that there is not much value to your car. It is more work for you to constantly take off an put back your steering wheel, but it is worth it if you truly want to prevent your car from being stolen.

There are more things you can do, but they either get really ridiculous or heavily expensive. If you do more than one of these, you already decrease the odds of your car being broken into. Just remember to at least lock your door and keep your vehicle in a place where it can be easily seen if you do not have a garage to store it in.