Top 3 Summer Lakes

The summers have only been getting hotter and hotter as the years go on. Not everyone has a pool or is close enough to a beach, but more people have lakes nearby they can visit. Personally, lakes are more fun than a pool or beach because of all the water sports you can perform like jet skiing, water skiing, wake boarding, and power boating, but it also brings a family together better than a pool party or beach ever could.

Lake Havasu
Being on the border of Arizona and California makes this lake’s water warm and refreshing to be in. Havasu is a beautiful lake that extends for over 45 miles and plenty of room for activities. Lake Havasu has over 2.5 million visitors annually because it gives people a sense of freedom with the water. Who wouldn’t want to go full throttle on a jetski or just relax on the lake on your powerboat. The water stays at the average temperature of 87 degrees in the summer and only drops to 79 degrees through late September. Havasu is home to paddleboard sports, 30 scuba diving spots, and previously mentioned skiing sports.

Lake Michigan
Lake Michigan is a beautiful sight, but it is chillier than Havasu with its highest temperature in the 70’s on good days. Lake Michigan does provide more space to work with as it is wider than Havasu rather than just long. The second largest of the Great Lakes is also near the cities of Chicago and Milwaukee that rent out jets skis, kayaks, and other water sport related equipment. However, we think the best time to visit Lake Michigan would be late September to October.

Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe is America’s most popular lake by far, and for good reason. The incredible view is one reason, but it attracts people year-round. Why is this? Well because there is a lot to do near Lake Tahoe. If you are going in the summer, you get amazing weather with the same summer sports you get at the other lakes. The water is a cool 65 degrees so if you are just there to swim or you happen to wipe out on a jet ski, at least you’ll be refreshed. If you aren’t there for just the lake, the area near Lake Tahoe has a beautiful nightlife with restaurants and quaint towns. You can go out hiking or bicycling on the “off-season” for the lake and still have a great time with your family. Fishing is highly popular at Lake Tahoe, so you can relax on the lake or near a port and catch some prize winners.

We are sure that there are other amazing lakes in the U.S, but these three standout to us and many other Americans. We hope that you will be able to visit one of them this summer or at least sometime soon. Have a great summer!