Transport for Non-Cars

When people see ‘auto transport company‘ they usually think that the company means exclusively cars because that’s what most people see on the road. Though cars are the most common things for auto transport companies to ship, they do transport other vehicles such as boats, trucks, inoperable vehicles, trailers, construction and farming vehicles, and even materials. Let us discuss a couple of them.

Oversized Vehicles
Buses, food trucks, tractors, utility trucks, military vehicles, and modified trucks can all be categorized under oversized vehicles. An oversized vehicle specialist should find a carrier that best suits your vehicle. They may ask you to measure the length, width, and height of your vehicle, as well as the weight, and to tell them if there are any modifications that add bulk, inches in any direction, or a low body. A good auto transport company will want to give you the perfect service so that you pay an ideal price for a carrier that serves your vehicle the best.

Some companies have flatbeds because they understand that some companies do not have the trucks available to transport them themselves. You will need to give an auto transport broker which materials you need transported, the length, width, height, and weight, and they should give you a carrier that best suits your cargo. You can also share a carrier with other companies, so you do not pay the full price if your cargo does not take the full space on a carrier. That sums up how auto transport companies move cargo.

Inoperable Vehicles
Inoperable vehicles are actually the next popular transport service because a car can become inoperable due to crashes or simply because it gets old. Transporting an inoperable vehicle is a little more of a process if it cannot role, steer, and brake because then an assisting vehicle such as a forklift will be needed to get it onto the carrier. The standard make, year, and model will be needed for the broker along with the route and that is generally all that is needed for Inoperable vehicle transport.

People can transport boats or jet-skis with almost any auto transport company. Just notify the auto transport company to what kind of boat you are transporting, its measurements, weight, and any modifications and they should be set you up with a carrier that suits your boat best.