Transport “Normal Cars” Enclosed

Many people get the impression that enclosed auto transport is strictly for high-end cars. However, every company should give you the option of this service no matter your vehicle’s make and model. The main purpose for an enclosed transport is to protect your car during transport. An enclosed carrier protects against weather and road conditions, something an open carrier cannot provide.

So why do you see more high-end cars going with the enclosed option? This is for several reasons, one being that open car transport is what people think of when transporting cars, so some may not know about the enclosed service. Another reason is because the enclosed auto transport service is a little more expensive than the open carrier.

We highly recommend an enclosed service to keep your car in the same pristine condition. With an open carrier, you’ll most likely have to wash your car when it arrives at its destination. If you need your vehicle to arrive sooner, you can ask the auto transport company if they offer enclosed hot-shot expedite service. Enclosed hot-shot carriers transport 2 or 3 other cars only, meaning there are less cars to pickup and deliver, thus getting to your location sooner.

We love the enclosed transport service because it gives customers the most peace of mind. We do understand that the enclosed option is not for everyone, but we do recommend giving it a try, even if you have a “normal car”.