Travel Trailer & RV Hauling Explained

Travel Trailer and RV’s are used a lot year-round, but especially more during the Fall and Winter seasons. However, much like having to drive your own car, some people would rather get an auto transport to go long distances or Travel Trailer and RV businesses need to get a load out to sale. Whatever the specifics, there is a process we like to follow to make the transport smooth.

The first question that we will ask when shipping RVs and travel trailers, we will ask for the type of vehicle. There is a range of Travel Trailer and RV types such as Fifth Wheel, Toy-Hauler, Double-Decker, etc. This is important to know because the correct transport configuration will be needed so that your Travel Trailer or RV is not damaged during transport. The different configurations for transport are usually flatbeds, but if you want an enclosed option, you will have to request one (keep in mind that these are not as common, so it may take calling in advance to book one).

Rest of the Questions

  • Condition: We simply ask, “Is your trailer in operable condition” and if it’s not, we will ask what is wrong with the vehicle. (If needed, you may need inoperable vehicle transport)
  • Pickup/Delivery Locations: These are just basic factors that make up a great deal of the cost of transport. The further you need to go, the more it is going to cost (generally).
  • Route: This is not so much dependent on you, but more so dependent on weather conditions, other loads truckers have to drop off, and detours that may come up last minute that have nothing to do on both parties. Sometimes a straight haul in between destinations is not possible because of these reasons.

What to Check: We will kindly ask you to do an inspection of your vehicle and to notify any parts that may be damaged or non-operable before hand. Here are a couple things we deem the most important to check:

  • Trailer Lights
  • Trailer Wheels & Axles
  • Trailer Weight
  • Trailer Hitch
  • Personal Items
  • Trailer Power Supply
  • Hazardous Materials