Truck Transport Quotes

When it comes to every service, every transport, we like to have everything measured out and set-up perfectly. With trucks, it is no different and its actually more important with a truck transport. We are here to explain how we complete our process when it comes to truck transports.

Whenever someone asks for a truck transport, we like to ask for what kind of truck they are asking for first (either Pick-up, Tank trucks, Tow, Tractor, Dually, Fire trucks, Garbage trucks, etc.). Then, an auto transport broker starts thinking what kind of transport carrier they should use for said truck. After this, a broker will ask a customer to give the accurate length, width, and height of their truck. This step is especially important because being off by even an inch may damage the truck while in transport. If there are modifications on the truck (such as long antennas, mini cranes, etc.) we might ask if it possible to detach them. If you cannot, a broker will have to accommodate with a different configuration.

Most of the time, truck transports get some sort of flatbed configuration to do the job (which means that they are generally outside and exposed to the elements during transports). However, there are a couple of enclosed services if you need to keep your vehicle clean and undisturbed by the elements (just ask when getting a quote). The measurements that a customer gives us is especially important with this process and any inches left unaccounted for may result in additional charges if it does not fit the configuration a broker set-up based off the false measurements.

Pricing is always different no matter what you are transporting. However, since we are dealing with larger vehicles and larger carrier to handle these trucks, the cost will be more expensive than transporting a car. A broker should tell you a predicted cost depending on what truck you are transporting and what configuration they set you up with. The route you take will also be a main determinant, but it also is dependent on the customer. There is not a set “range” on how much a Truck transport will cost because it all depends on multiple variables such as weight, carrier availability, specs, and much more. To get an accurate quote for Truck Transporting, you are going to need to call and talk to a broker.