Upgrading Your Transport Service

If you have transported your vehicle with an auto transport company many times, then you probably choose the same service because you are comfortable with it. If you are new to transporting your vehicle, then you will likely go with the service that the auto transport company recommends. Both options are not bad by any means, however, there might be a service that suits your vehicle better or one that gives you more peace of mind.

The Transporter’s Way
Customers feel safe to assume that the auto transport company’s recommendation is the best one. Though this should be the case, if you are not dealing with a professional auto transport company, they might recommend a service that may not fit your vehicle or does not give you the protection you thought it would. It is better to come with prior knowledge of what each service does and to have at least two different services in mind before calling an auto transport company. After this, then it is fine to ask them what they would recommend, why they would recommend it, then come to a final decision.

Feeling Comfortable
Like we said in the beginning, if you frequently transport your vehicle, then you might choose the same service because that is what you have become most comfortable with over time. We understand the lack of need to change services because “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”. However, we want to expose you to different services that may peak your interest and give you more in return than the service you have always used. If you have always transported with an Open carrier, then you are saving the most money which is fantastic, but if you dislike how dirty vehicle gets once it is delivered, then an enclosed service would be perfect for you for a slightly higher price.

We usually recommend higher end vehicles to take some sort of Enclosed vehicle service because owners of these cars like to have their vehicles in pristine condition all the time. However, you do not need to have a high-end vehicle if you want an Enclosed trailer to transport for you. If you have always transported your vehicle on an Enclosed carrier, you might want to try an Open carrier to save a bit money, but you will have to clean your vehicle up, especially if you are transporting across the country or a long-distance.

If you need material or larger vehicles hauled, you might want to try a Conestoga configuration to act as an Enclosed service and avoid any natural elements to disrupt or damage your cargo. If you have a vehicle that sticks out, but you don’t want it in an Open carrier, you can ask for a soft-sided enclosed trailer so that the parts of your vehicle that do stick out will not be damaged by a solid-steel wall from a normal enclosed transport.

There are many more services that we cannot list here because you would be reading for hours, so the best thing to expose yourself to multiple transport services is to check out different companies and their website to see what services they have. Researching is another thing you can do to get fully exposed to each service.