What Is Door to Door?

You see that many auto transport companies have something called, “Door-to-Door” service, and it seems simple enough to understand what it means, but are they telling the truth, or it is just a phrase they use just to get you as a customer? Well for the most part it true with a few exceptions.

The Exceptions
Like we said, for the most part a door-to-door service is true to its name, but sometimes it is not. This is just another way of the company saying that they are willing to get as close to you as they can as long as where they can bring their carriers into is legal (because certain weighted trucks aren’t allowed in certain neighborhoods), if there is enough space to load/unload your vehicle safely, and if they can even get out of the neighborhood without hitting parked cars, trees, mailboxes, etc. A company would have looked up your location before hand and will let you know if they cannot get directly to your home because of any of the reasons listed above.

The Alternatives
If a carrier cannot fit into your neighborhood, the company will set up a location that is close to you (it can be a mall, grocery store, or just somewhere with a large enough space to make loading or unloading easier). A car transport company should try to get as close as they can to you without having you drive or walk to far. If an auto transport company sets a location, but you think of somewhere closer to you that has a large enough space, you can notify them because they claimed that they would get as close to you as possible. They can even meet you at a wide enough road, as long as you notify them about it first.

That is what door-to-door service is. If you need any further explanation, feel free to look on our page about Door-to-Door service or call us to have more detailed about the subject.