What Makes Auto Transport More Expensive

A main complaint in our industry is that auto transport is pretty expensive. However, there are several things that customers ask for that make an auto transport pricey, and some of these are requests cannot be helped, such as service (if a customer has a high-ended car, they most likely need an enclosed carrier), or the length of distance (especially going across the country), however, some things could reduce the price of transport and we will discuss that today.

There are a variety of auto transport services, but many people only know one, maybe two of these services (which happen to be the cheapest). Open Car transport is the most used for of auto transport because they are the iconic carriers (these are the ones you see carrying 8-10 vehicles, stacked on both levels). Open car transport is also the cheapest of all the auto transport services with its only downsides being that your vehicle may experience debris from the road and may be affected by weather conditions. The enclosed service is the second least expensive option and provides you with more protection from road and weather conditions, as well as more insurance (if it is needed). The expensive transport services (for cars) are soft-sided enclosed transport and expedited enclosed transport. The soft-sided enclosed transport is usually for car with modifications that stick out from either the front, rear, sides, or all over that will need a carrier whose walls will not harm their vehicle’s body. Soft-sided carriers have wall that can be easily pushed out because they behave like a tarp. The reason this service is expensive is because there are not as many soft-sided trailers compared to Open or Enclosed carriers. Expedited Enclosed trailers only car 1-3 vehicles at most are meant to pick-up and deliver faster than any other service. The drawback of this service is its price point. We do not recommend the last two services unless you it is strongly recommended by your auto transport broker and if it makes financial sense to you.

The general rule is that the longer your transport is, the more you will end up paying. However, the route you take (and depending on the season) to pick-up and deliver, your transport can come out to be extra expensive. If you ship coast to coast, this can be one of the more expensive transport because of the distance and traffic. If you are shipping to a lesser known part of a state, the more you will have to pay because the driver will have to make-up for the miles away from a main highway. An auto transport broker should notify you if your transport is going to be a bit pricier because the route is hard for drivers, because the season makes a route less popular and would be out of the way from other main route/ transports, or if the general route is long.

These are the general things that make your transport more expensive, and anything else will be specific to your vehicle or an auto transport company’s quote itself. A broker should tell you the cost of your transport and the specifics, but try reducing the cost by at least getting a cheaper auto transport service unless it necessary to get a more expensive and specialized type of auto transport.