What Makes Transport Expensive

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Most auto transports are a little pricy to begin with, however, there are ways that you are upping the cost of your transport without even knowing it. The things that most people do usually fall under the service, route, and time that you choose a transport. There are also some things that you cannot help and have to pay for.

There are many services in the auto transport industry, so many in fact that some people may not know what each one does, and which one will serve a situation best. Since we are talking about how transports become expensive, we should point out the least and most expensive auto transport services. If you are trying to save, then you should opt for the open car transport. The only thing you will sacrifice for a low cost is protection from the weather and road conditions and it will be slightly slower. The most expensive auto transport will be anything Expedited. They are the fastest and provide as much protection as an Enclosed transport. We advise using either an Open or Enclosed service because they are cheaper and should cover most of your needs.

For route/location, this is something you may not be able to help. If you need a transport across the country, there is no way to not go across the country. If you need a delivery to a city or town that is more remote or off a main route, you will be charged more to make up for those “dead miles”. You may be able to save if you are willing to meet somewhere closer to a main route or major city in that state, but you would still have to pay for transportation to get there in the first place. We advise talking to the auto transport company you book with and set up any pick-up and delivery locations that serve you and your wallet best if that is a concern for you.

Depending on the time of year, you may be paying more. This even trickles down to the month. If you need to transport a vehicle to see family in the winter, that is understandable. However, you can save money by booking in November opposed to December. If you can avoid booking in the “popular” months, you will almost always save on a transport. The most expensive times to transport are during the Summer and Winter seasons, but they are also the most popular times to need a transport. Sometimes it cannot be avoided, but calling towards the end of a Spring or Fall may still lead to a cheaper transport.