What to Expect During Auto Transport

The booking process of auto transport is different for every company. Some companies have you insert information on their web page and a call is never required to get a quote. Some companies require a call because they let you know more about the process while in a call with you. Every broker in every auto transport company is different, but they all follow roughly the same process and we are here to explain that to you.

The Start
You first need to pick an auto transport company that best suits you. If you prefer to not have much interaction with brokers and would rather put in your information and wait for your quote, there are plenty of companies that can do that for you. We do advise you to opt for more interaction because you want peace of mind when a stranger will be handling your vehicle. A call should last 5 minutes when asking for a quote and you only need to exchange basic information such as your pick-up and drop-off locations, basic specs of your vehicle, which service you want (they will recommend you one if you do not know what services serve you best). Any other specific questions that an auto transport company asks you should pertain to the auto transport. The more relevant information you give (such as your preferred time frame or people that can release your vehicle for you if you are not available), the better an auto transport company can set up a transport for you.

Throughout the Transport
For most auto transport companies, they only contact you when they are on their way to pick-up your vehicle, once they arrive, when they are close to your delivery location, and once they arrive at your delivery location. Some people are fine with this if they have been transporting for a while, but most people would like to have more communication during the transport process. There are not that many auto transport companies that are willing to keep up constant communication because they have too many customers and vehicles to keep an eye on, but along with us, there are only a few auto transport companies that expand their communication to give their customers peace of mind.

Delivery is the end of the transport process and it should be the easiest part because most auto transport companies try to have a door-to-door service (they will deliver at or near your delivery location). The only advice we can give you is to not take your vehicle if you see any damages on it, but this should be rare.

That sums up an auto transport and we hope that it is easier than you originally thought. Make sure to pick an auto transport company that serves you, your wallet, and your vehicle well and everything will fall into place (most likely).