When & When Not To Auto Transport

Auto transports are great because they take the drive that many people are not willing to take with a reasonable price. However, there are a couple of times when an auto transport company is not necessary for several reasons, such as distance and pricing. We are here to discuss when it is in your best concern to have your vehicle transported and when you can just drive your vehicle yourself.

Auto transport are used mainly for long distances or sometimes to one state over if the state is large like California (when going up North to Oregon or Washington) or Texas (in general). If you need your vehicle to go across one or two states, you might save more than you would opting for an auto transport (depending on your vehicle’s MPG) and how many passengers you are taking. Depending on which state you live in and which states you are cutting through, you might not have to pay for a hotel if you drive long and fast enough. With more passengers, however, the price for food throughout your route may be more expensive than an auto transport (depends where you choose to eat). If you live in California and want to go to Las Vegas, a four-hour trip is not bad instead of having to get an auto transport and then a plane ticket. The distance is a little more obvious, especially if you occasionally take trips around the country and know how long a certain trip will take.

This factor is trickier because it varies from company to company, the season, if it’s popular route or not, and which service you need. Do not get quotes from a car shipping rate calculator as they are merely unrealistic estimates. The cheapest service is open car transport, and the less distance your vehicle must travel means you pay less. You will have to do some math if you are on the fence about getting an auto transport, especially if you think a drive is doable, but might be slightly too long. Keep food, rooming, gas, and damages (just in case) as part of the expenses. The pricing factor should be determined if the distance is not an obvious and once you research several auto transport companies to check their prices. Keep in mind, however, that the longer the distance, the price of booking with an auto transport company gets better.