Which Auto Transport Service to Choose

You are hearing all these service options from different companies, with each service having different specs, making you trade and sacrifice somewhere between money, speed, and protection. So which service is right for you. Well, let’s break it down for you.

Open Car Shipping Service
The best thing about open car shipping service is the price point. Open service is the best is terms of price. However, the trade off is that your vehicle is exposed to the elements of the road and weather, often getting dirty. The transit time for open car transport is generally longer compared to other transport types especially if your going cross country.

Enclosed Carrier Service
Enclosed service is definitely the middle ground here and our preferred way of transporting vehicles. Enclosed auto transport gives your vehicle the protection from road and whether elements while in transport. Enclosed transport is slightly faster because these carriers have only 5-6 vehicles to pickup and deliver opposed to open carriers who need to make arrangements for 8-10. The cost of this service is a bit more, but if the safeguard of your car is a concern, the service will negate the cost.

Hotshot Expedite Service
So now we are at the highest price point, but by far the fastest transport service. Enclosed hot-shot trailers transport only 2-3 vehicles, so it takes even less time to pickup and deliver, but still offers your car the same protection. We mainly want to recommend this service solely if time is of the essence, otherwise a regular enclosed car carrier will work just fine.

If you want more information about each service, you can always ask a company to go more in depth for each. Distance will always add more to the final price. Keep in mind that an open carrier transport across the country will cost more than an enclosed carrier transport just two or three states away. Also, every company is different and will give you different rates for each of their services. The order in which we listed our services is the general rule of transportation. We hope this article was informative for you and that you’ll know which auto transport services to choose going forward.