While You Wait for Your Car Delivery

An auto transport takes time, especially if it is across the country. If you have a good auto transport company, they should give you an estimated time of arrival (usually they will give you a week and say that they will deliver between a couple of days within that week). Chances are that you are going to reach the delivery location well before the company does. So, what do you do while you wait for your car to come in? Well here are a couple of things we recommend you do.

Know the Drop-off Schedule
If a company gives you a range of days that they think your car may arrive, you should try to stay close to home or have someone that can take the car for you. Once you know this, you have the time to schedule your life however you want.

Visit the Beach
Auto transport companies get a lot of orders to ship cars to the coasts, especially during the summer months. Take the days off to enjoy the water, get a tan, and embrace living on the coast for a little while.

Have a Backup Person
Sometimes a company will come earlier or later than expected (by a day or by a couple hours), so notify your work about this as soon as you get a more narrowed down time frame. You can also ask someone else to pick-up your vehicle for you, just let the company know who you entrusted with your vehicle so there is no confusion.

Have Someone Available to Drive You/Rental
Since you don’t have your car, you will obviously need someone to take you places. This can be a variety of people from your family, Uber, Lyft, Taxis, buses, and trains. You can also just rent a car in the mean time while waiting for your car if you have the money to.

Go Sight Seeing
Most locations where auto transport companies drop-off at have iconic national destination located nearby. Whether it be an amusement park, a national park, or a well-known restaurant.

Spend Time with Your Family
One of the main reasons that people decided to transport their car is because they plan to visit family that lives in another state. Once you know your drop-off schedule, you can stop stressing and spend more time with your family. The last thing you want to be worrying about it when your car is going to arrive. Make sure to ask for an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) if the company you booked with did not give you one in the first place.

The list can go on, but the main point is to spend your time however you see fit. We can only give you so much to do when you are expecting a car delivery because you are more likely to make better time out of your vacation or trip than we can come up with. We do recommend doing some things from the list above, especially if you visit a place for the first time so you can get the state’s full experience.