Why Are Auto Carriers Not Evolving?

The modern way of auto transporting works great and has been for decades. However, with new technology and newer trucks, how come the public does not see them on the road at all? There are several reasons, but the main ones are cost and having a larger learning curve (initially). Let us explain.

So, the cost maintenance for a new truck is more expensive than the “modern” ones we see all the time because of the new technology put into them. As more computers, programming, and machinery is put into a vehicle, the cost of maintenance goes up because the problem requires more specialists opposed to getting a simple tune-up. A lot of truckers believe that newer trucks are more of a burden, despite their advancements and simple-ness. There is a big concern that if one piece of technology breaks down, it will cause a chain event and cause other pieces to fail as well. The concern is that of car owners who do not want to get electric vehicles because they fear that more computers, programming, and less variables controlled by humans will result in more failures and higher costs for repairs. This concern is amplified when a trucker is dealing with up to 8-10 vehicles at a time.

The Learning Curve
Another main concern of auto transport truckers is having to learn a whole new truck and the way it operates. The truck that comes to mind are Tesla Semi-Trucks because they are due to hit the market by 2019. Though the Semi looks great and futuristic, that is what a lot of the concern is held on. All electric vehicles still scare many people because they need to learn how to drive a vehicle that is almost completely silent, not having “the feeling” of a vehicle, and having a huge computer screen as your center console. Some people just want to drive a vehicle without having to think about their screen crashing, having to charge-up for 30 minutes, and do not want to have to worry about total-vehicle shutdowns (though these are rare). Electric vehicles also slowdown almost immediately when you take your foot off the gas. Having to get used to a new vehicle is, firstly, expensive and secondly, time consuming. Truckers especially do not have the time to get used to a new vehicle.

Now this is not to say that there isn’t a push to change the truck, but there is a lot of resistance because the “modern” trucks are doing just fine. Only time and some commitment will tell if newer trucks are worth it, especially in the auto transport industry. If these new trucks workout though, the auto transport industry will become more efficient because of the speed, power, and range of newer trucks.