Winter Transport Concerns

auto transport during winter

Though the winter season is one of the busiest times of the year, it can also be one of the most dangerous in terms of weather and road conditions. The winter season means heavy snow, rain, and winds throughout the country. Many customers have concerns with keeping their vehicles safe from these elements. We are here to give you some options to minimize or completely negate the elements.

Enclosed Options
The enclosed services are useful throughout the year, but they are especially useful in the winter season. Enclosed services keep vehicles encased and away from any weather and road conditions. They cost a little more than an open car service, but it provides more by giving protection from the outside. In an enclosed trailer, there are still double-decks, and everything is still strapped in where it should be, but there are less vehicles to transport, which means it is a faster transport.

This is a less effective way of protecting your vehicle from the elements, but they can be installed to work moderately well. You may provide one to the auto transport company or they may provide one for you (just discuss this with an auto transport broker before-hand). There is a service called Conestoga trailers are used for this purpose. They act like an Enclosed trailer but use tarps instead of 4 walls of metal (they are also mainly used to transport materials or larger vehicles).