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The process of transporting a bus and transporting a car is not the same. In order to efficiently transport an oversize vehicle like a bus, you must have the right equipment and the right carrier. Luckily, Nationwide United has you covered! We have the skills and experience to haul buses anywhere in the United States. No matter what size of bus you have, whether its a short party bus or a full size coach bus, we are more than capable.

Here’s a list of some of our most popular commercial bus fleets we transport:

  • New Flyer Midi, Restyled, Xcelsior
  • Gillig Low Floor, Hybrid, Trolley
  • North American Bus Industries (NABI) LFW and 416 Standard Floor
  • Nova LFS, LFS HEV, LFS Natural Gas, LFS Artic, LFX
  • Thomas Built Buses SAF-T Liner EFX, SAF-T Liner C2, SAF-T Liner HDX, SAT-T Liner FS 
  • Blue Bird Vision Diesel, Vision Propane, All American RE Diesel 
  • Volvo 7900, Hybrid 8900, 9500, 9700, 9900
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We are experts at transporting buses

Shipping a bus is no easy task, especially if you’ve never done something like this before. There are a number of details that differ on a case-by-case basis. It’s important to have correct verified specifications of your bus such as length, width, height and weight. We’ll gather as much information about your bus and your move to create a personalized plan to meets your needs. 

Details we need to transport a bus:

1| Size — Length, height and width of the bus.
2| Weight — Weight of the bus. 
3| Route — How far will bus be traveling? Will we need escort permitting?
4| Equipment Type — Not all transport equipment is the same. We’ll determine the right trailer to handle your bus based on its dimensions.  
5| Pickup/Delivery Locations — Is it picking up or delivering at a port? Are there business hours?

Logistics minded and dedicated bus transporters

We must coordinate between your moving dates and the availability of our carriers to better meet your schedule. We will discuss any deadlines for pickup and delivery such as port hours and business hours. Although we coordinate around your schedule, we ask for a 3-4 day window for pickup and delivery. 

Nationwide United Auto Transport is committed to providing the best transportation services for your commercial bus. Our company standards ensure you receive unparalleled bus shipping service from beginning to end. In addition to our services, our shipping quotes are precisely calculated to match your shipping needs and to remain competitive. Let Nationwide United plan and coordinate your next bus transport.  

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