Tips & Advice: Buying Car From Auction

Tips Advice Car Auction

There are some benefits of buying a vehicle at auction. One of the greatest benefits is how affordable you can purchase a vehicle for. Second is the variety of vehicles available give you the flexibility to choose from a large selection of vehicles. And lastly, if you’re looking for rare, one-of-a-kind type vehicles, car auctions are a great source to find one.

Whatever your reason for purchasing a vehicle from an auction may be, there are couple of things to consider.

Consider This Before Bidding At Car Auction

1| Budgeting
Every auction should have an inventory list of the vehicles that will be presented and their basic information. Many auction require that you pay with cash, so it is best to determine which vehicles you can afford at the auction, as well as being able to afford a vehicle transport service after obtaining your auctioned vehicle.

2| Inspection
Once you have a list of desired vehicles that can fit your budget, you want to insure that those vehicles have passed an inspection check. Starting from the exterior: worn tires, damage to the body, chipped glass on the mirrors, screens, and/or windows, front and rear lights, and rims. For the more internal concerns: does the vehicle leak, are brakes effective, is the engine correct, does it smoke, does it make off-putting noises, and does it even start? Important paperwork such as the vehicle having its VIN number, history of ownership, history of repairs, any modifications, etc are also important to give you peace of mind that you are going to purchase an effective and safe auction vehicle.

3| Purchasing
Terms/Agreements: Many auctions have a fee for winning a vehicle- know how much that fee is. At times auctions require that you put down a deposit. Some auctions have different times at which the full payment is required. These are all things that should be researched beforehand so you can properly bid on any vehicles stress free.

4| Bidding
When it comes down to finally bidding for one of the vehicles that interests you, being patient is a key factor to getting a price within your budget. Auctioneers may purposely start a lot with a high initial price to bait inexperienced bitters to over purchase. Wait it out, and see that if no one bids, the initial price was too high and the auctioneer will ask what the starting price point should be to the audience. At this time, the process is at its most stressful, especially if you are bidding for a car that you want desperately. It is best not to show this, and to even prepare to walk away from a vehicle if the bids get too high into your budget or even exceed it. If the vehicle is not rare, there will always be other auctions housing the same vehicle or something very similar. However, if the vehicle is rare, letting it go may feel like the most difficult thing in the world, but think smart if you know beforehand you cannot afford it.

5| Plan for a Transport
Many car auction winners prefer not to drive their newly won vehicles home for several reasons. Auctioned cars look their best, and many want to preserve that until it is at their doorstep. Some may not want to risk damages to their vehicle while driving it back. Whatever the reason, choosing a reputable and safe auto transport company to move your vehicle from an auction straight to your front door is highly recommended by expert auctioneers.

If your vehicle is of the luxury or exotic class, enclosed vehicle transport would be the best option to keeping your auctioned vehicle in its top condition. The enclosed carrier is the most common way car auctioneers move their vehicles to and from auctions, so look for companies that specialize in auction transports to produce the best results and satisfaction upon winning a great vehicle at an auction.

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