Iconic Vehicles of Each Decade

Each decade in America had an iconic event that shaped history indefinitely. Along with iconic events, each decade had an iconic vehicle to go with it. Here are our picks for the most iconic vehicles in each decade. 1940s: Original JeepThe Jeep is on here for one reason only… World War II. The Jeep served as a … Read more

Popular Family Cars

Family cars are becoming more popular in the U.S. When it comes to family cars, however, you want to be ensured that your family is safe and convenient for everyone in the car. Kelly Blue Book built what they think are the best family cars for the 2018 year. We are going to review some of those vehicles, … Read more

The Future of Transportation

The way we want to get over traffic is insane, but we surely can’t wait to see traffic reduced and the cool vehicles that will make life easier. These vehicles seem like they are so far into the future that they still seem like fantasy. However, many of these are being made or have been … Read more

Plane Tickets to Space

Space. The final frontier. Or so it was until numerous companies in the 2000s were interested in space tourism. What is space tourism? You can become an “astronaut” for however long said company wants you up in space for a certain hefty price. A professional and qualified crew is on board with the passengers, so … Read more

Meet the Yard Spotter

white yard spotter parked

These terminal tractors have many names. Shunt truck, Spotter truck, Spotting tractor, Yard truck, Yard Dog, Yard Goat, Yard Jockey, or Mule, is a semi-tractor intended to move semi-trailers inside a cargo yard or warehouse facility. Whatever the name, they all do the same thing. A Yard Spotter truck has a single-person cab, a sliding … Read more

Car Carriers of the Future

On November 16th, 2017, Elon Musk and his company, Tesla Inc., revealed their gift to truckers around the world. Tesla is producing a fully-electric semi-truck that blows the traditional diesel-powered semis out of the water. The first thing that shocked us right away was solely the design. It looks like the future! Elon Musk starts … Read more

Human or Machine Behind the Wheel?

When movies and TV shows came up with the idea of flying cars and cars that can drive themselves, everyone was anxious to see their childhood fantasies become reality. Now the day has come where companies are making strives to make these vehicles operate, some with much success. With development of this technology, development of … Read more

2018 Top 5 Autos for Summer

With the weather getting hotter each year, you may need a car that exposes you the wind more. These vehicles make you feel the summer vibes without breaking the bank. We believe that these cars are great and at least one of them can represent someone’s taste in cars. 1. Jeep WranglerWhen people think “Summer Car”, the … Read more

2018 Top 5 Reliable and Affordable Cars

In a world filled with countless automotive options, finding the most affordable and reliable cars is a crucial endeavor. In this comprehensive list, we’ll explore the top 5 cars that excel in both affordability and reliability, with rankings from 5 (the least) to 1 (the most). From dependable everyday commuters to budget-friendly choices, join us … Read more

ELD Mandate & Auto Transport

What Is the ELD Mandate? Back in 2012, the United States Congress passed an ELD mandate bill known as the ‘Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century” (MAP-21) that would mandate the use of electronic logging devices (ELD’s) for all commercial motor carriers and truck drivers. The electronic logging device (ELD) will replace driver’s … Read more