Freight and Vehicle Bill of Lading

Sample of bill of lading agreement

You were asked by your shipping company to make sure you sign the “Bill of Lading”. You’re left with a simple but pretty intimidating question, what is a bill of lading? This blog post will help you understand what and why a Bill of Lading is important. Let’s go over this term and gain some … Read more

How Much Does Car Shipping Cost?

Cost to Transport Car

You may be asking yourself “why do vehicle shipping rates vary?” Auto transport, unlike other services, does not have a set price. The cost to ship a car depends on variables such as: Distance Vehicle Transport Type Time of the Year Let us explain.. What Determines the Cost to Ship My Car? Distance – Although the … Read more

What Makes Transport Expensive

auto shipping cost

Most auto transports are a little pricy to begin with, however, there are ways that you are upping the cost of your transport without even knowing it. The things that most people do usually fall under the service, route, and time that you choose a transport. There are also some things that you cannot help … Read more

Transporting In The New Year

auto transport new years

We have talked a lot about transports in the final months of the year but let us take a glimpse at how a new year impacts the auto transport industry. There are many things to take advantage of during the new year, especially if you are a customer and frequent the transport industry. We are … Read more

Desired Transit Times

This happens throughout the year at various times, but it happens most often during the holiday season and especially in the month of December. When there are thousands of people who want to visit families or vacation in a state that is warmer all at the same time, some may not get the desired transport … Read more

Snowbirds In December

We have talked about Snowbird Transport before on the blog, but since the holidays are coming up, then we decided that a more in-depth review about what Snowbirds do in the month of December. A quick review, Snowbirds are people who tend to move from Northern state to either Southern or Coastal states that are … Read more

Auto Transport In December

When the year comes to an end, there tends to be a surge of customers in the auto transport industry. Usually by mid-December, there are a constant high-volume of calls that last well into the new year. Most people who book during December are usually doing so to visit family in another state or to … Read more

FAQ’s Transport Companies Will Ask

Every auto transport company has a unique process, however, there are some questions that every company will ask. This is because they are either mandatory or give them a better idea on how to schedule your vehicle’s transport. We are here to talk about some of those questions and what purpose they serve in making … Read more

What Causes Transport Delays?

We have talked a lot about when you could book to get a smooth transport and how to get a transport that will fir your desired pick-up and delivery schedule. However, there are plenty of things that can delay a transport (something may be out of the driver’s control). We are here to give you … Read more

Auto Transport Updates

During an auto transport, many customers do not experience any updates from either the driver or the broker. Most of the time a customer will only get an update if something goes wrong during the transport and once a driver arrives. This should not be how things operate and the best auto transport companies know … Read more

Busiest Times of the Year

With the holidays coming soon, we thought it would be best to explore some of the busiest times for the auto transport industry, but also go into depth on why they are so busy. We have discussed how the seasons and holidays have an impact on business, but we are going to get down to … Read more

Inop Vehicle Logistics

Some people may not know of the different types of transport services. One of these being the Inoperable Vehicle Transport. This is a popular service (right after Open and Enclosed Auto Transport) and is used if you only have an Inoperable vehicle (obviously). We are here to talk about the qualifications to get an Inoperable … Read more