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Nationwide Enclosed Car Transport Services

If you need extra protection for your car, Nationwide United Auto Transport

is your reliable solution for enclosed auto transport. We are equipped with the know-how’s to efficiently transport any enclosed vehicle including luxury, exotic, antique and classic cars across state or across the U.S. including Hawaii. Our enclosed car shipping carriers ensure your vehicle arrives in the same condition it was when it was picked up. Have peace of mind knowing your car will have extra protection and extra insurance coverage during transport.

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Request an enclosed car transport quote by calling 800-311-8305 and you’ll be connected with one of our transport specialists. After discussing basic information about your move (type of vehicle, pickup and delivery locations etc.) we’ll create a personalized plan for your auto transportation and provide the actual cost for enclosed auto transport.

Extra Car Protection

Enclosed auto transport protects your vehicle against rain, dirt, dust, grime, road debris and other natural elements of the road. Your vehicle is surrounded (enclosed) during transport by hard sided or soft sided walls and secured down using soft straps.

Dependable Auto Carriers

Our team of premier enclosed carriers have over 20 years experience and specialize in every type of classic, antique, luxury, high end, collector, hot rod and low clearance vehicles. Our number one priority is to deliver autos damage free and in a timely matter.

Extra Insurance

Insurance coverage is included on all motor vehicles during auto transport, but enclosed car carriers carry higher insurance policy limits due to the higher value of their cargo. Be sure to inquire about enclosed car transport if your vehicle is worth $50,000 or more.

Personalized Approach

We truly understand every vehicle owner and their vehicle transport needs. You won’t have to stress about anything while your car is in our hands. We walk you through the entire process and we’re available beyond company hours to help answer any questions.

Covered Car Carriers

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5-6 Car Enclosed Carrier

This enclosed trailer looks very similar to other semi trucks on the road. Vehicles are loaded and “stacked” inside a hard side enclosed trailer that has an upper and lower deck. 

Single Car Enclosed Transport

2-3 Car Enclosed Trailer

This single level “non-stack” trailer is often referred to as a ‘hotshot’ carrier. Hotshot trailers hold less cars on the truck which translates to faster pickup, transit, and delivery times. 

soft side enclosed car transport

Soft-Side Covered Carrier

Unlike 5-6 car enclosed carriers, soft sided carriers can transport 7-8 vehicles enclosed. As the name suggests, soft-side covered carriers have soft sliding tarps for walls.  

flatbed conestoga

Oversize Enclosed Trailer

The Conestoga trailer is the larger of all enclosed trailers. Its retractable soft-side cover allows to transport oversize vehicles that are too wide or too tall to transport on a regular enclosed carrier. 

How much does enclosed auto transport cost?

The average cost to transport vehicles enclosed is generally $500 to $2,000 more than an open carrier

The enclosed trailers and equipment used to protect your vehicle are top of the line the best available in the industry. When you compare the benefits of enclosed car transport service with the additional cost, you will find its value.

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Should I ship my car open or enclosed?

In short answer, it depends on your auto shipment needs

The most notable reason for an enclosed transport is cosmetic protection. If don’t mind your auto getting a bit dirty and saving some money, open will be just fine. Learn more about open vs enclosed.

Can you ship your car with things in it?

By law, auto transport shippers are not permitted to move personal items

Most carriers allow a few personal items (no more than 75 pounds) confined in the truck. Notify your shipping agent of any personal items or if you require to move more than 75 pounds.

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Enclosed Transport Features

Hard-Side Enclosed Car Shipping

We only use hard side covered trailers for an extra level of safety and protection.

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Lift Gates & Low Profile Ramps

Lift gates and low-profile ramps allow us to handle low clearance vehicles such as exotic cars.

Soft Strap Tie Downs

We secure vehicles using soft straps (no chains) that surround the tires and anchor to hauler. 

Higher Insurance Coverage

Your vehicle is fully insured and protected with $1,000,000 cargo insurance . 

Climate Control

Temperature-controlled trucks are available upon request to ensure a temperature controlled environment for your car transport.

24hr Dispatch

Our hours extend a 9 to 5 company. We are always available for updates on your vehicle during transit.

Need expedited enclosed car shipping?

We offer expedited auto transport for faster pickup and delivery times

Need a quote for enclosed car shipping?

Speak to friendly transport specialists

You’ll get a dedicated driver with an enclosed hot shot trailer that will focus solely on picking up and delivering your auto in less time than it would normally take. In addition to faster transit times, single car enclosed transport are “non-stack”. Your auto is loaded and shipped without having to stack it below or on top of other cars.