How to Ship Car Across the Country

Transporting across the country (especially coast to coast) is a popular thing to do, especially during the summer and winter seasons. There are many things on your part that you must do to prepare your vehicle and make a driver’s life a little easier, and there is plenty that the driver must do, the biggest of which is keeping your car safe. Transporting a car in general is stressful, but having your vehicle transported across the country is especially stressful because the transport is longer, and you are concerned that the worst can happen within that time. Let us discuss what goes down during this process.

The Cost
Many people think that they can save more money by driving across the country themselves. Keep in mind though that you have to pay for food for multiple people, gas, and rooming. The cost begins to add up and surpass the cost of what an auto transport company will quote you, not to mention that you are going to experience fatigue when driving for so long every day, you are going to experience wear and tear on your car because of road and weather conditions, and you have less time to focus on enjoying your destination. If you go with an open auto transport, it will be the cheapest means of transportation, but your vehicle is going to be exposed to weather and road conditions. We generally going with an Enclosed Auto Transport, so our vehicle is not exposed to the elements throughout the whole process.

There are many factors that go into the cost of your transport. The obvious one is distance. Generally, the longer the distance, the more your transport will be because you are paying for the gas and miles the carrier will have to cover along with their payment. The next important thing is the type of vehicle you have, its condition, and any modifications (if any). An auto transport company will ask a lot about your vehicle because they want to ensure that you get the correct service and that your vehicle is safely transported. Keep in mind that if your vehicle is inoperable or has modifications, your options of services are limited, but the company should have the right service for you.

Who to Go With?
You may want to go with the cheapest company, but the cheapest usually is not the most reliable and they may only give you a low quote to get you in a deal, but then tell you that they need to raise the price to book a spot on a carrier. Read the reviews, make some calls to the companies themselves, and compare. Every company is different, almost all of them have a couple negative reviews because that’s just business. Read the context of the bad reviews and take into consideration how many there are and how bad the complaint really was. It is always better to pay a little extra for a more reputable company than go for the fast-save.

Preparing Your Car
The first step is to make sure that all the parts in your car are up to standard and secure (unless you know you are getting an Inoperable Auto Transport). We recommend doing this because it minimizes any chances of delay or harm to your vehicle during transport, as well as avoiding any conflicts between driver and customer. The next step will be to wash your vehicle and inspect it. You will want to note any prior damages, chips, and dents. The driver will also inspect your vehicle at pick-up and again during delivery, but you should do the same. Do not fill your gas tank (keep it at about a quarter full). That is the jist of your preparation and the rest lies with the company (ask the company if they need you to take extra steps, but this should be the majority of it).

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