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Indianapolis is a great place to live in, and if you require reliable auto transport service to or from Indianapolis, Nationwide United is the vehicle shipping provider to assist you. Whether you need car shipping for an extended vacation in Indianapolis or moving to Indianapolis, we provide a fast and easy way to ship your vehicle to Indianapolis or anywhere in Indiana. Don’t stress over having to find a trustworthy company, let us handle your next car transport while you enjoy the many amazing areas in Indianapolis, IN.

Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana, is the twelfth-largest city in the United States. Located on land set aside for a state capital in the early nineteenth century, it was modeled after Washington D.C., with streets radiating outward from the seat of government. Although it is not located on a navigable body of water, the city’s central location—in relation to the state and to much of the country—has made it an important transport and distribution center since the nineteenth century. Since the 1970s Indianapolis has established a reputation as a sports center by constructing major athletic and visitor facilities and energetically promoting itself as a venue for a wide variety of amateur sporting events. However, its most famous athletic event remains the Indianapolis 500 motor race, held annually at the Indianapolis Speedway.

Auto Transport to and from Indianapolis

Indianapolis is located east of the White River in central Indiana. It is the largest city in the United States that is not situated on the banks of a navigable body of water. Its major thoroughfare is Washington Street (I-40), which runs east-west through the city, as part of a larger grid pattern that governs the layout of the city’s streets. The Indianapolis metropolitan area is ringed by I-465, which has junctions with the three major highways that pass through the city: I-70 (east-west), I-69 (intersects from the northwest), and I-65 (northwest to southeast). Indianapolis has more interstate highways junctions than any other metropolitan area in the United States.

Auto Transport to and from Indianapolis is a daily norm at Nationwide United. We traverse the highways and freeways that lead to Indianapolis on a weekly basis. Many of the vehicles we’re shipping are picking up or delivering in Indianapolis and its outskirts. If you are looking for reliable Indianapolis auto transport company or just simply need car shipping quote, feel free to contact us 800-311-8305.

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