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Non-Running Car Shipping Experts

Planning an auto transport for an in-op/non-running vehicle? Nationwide United Auto Transport can load and unload in-op vehicles. Our auto transport carriers have winches and can transport any type of non-running vehicle. Enclosed carriers will generally have a lift gate on the truck for loading and unloading. The lift gate mechanism keeps the vehicle controlled and stable while it is being loaded. 
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What Type of Non-Running Vehicles May I Ship?

Nationwide United Auto Transport can transport all types of in-op/non-running vehicles. We know the logistics and details to transport any inoperable vehicle. Cars, trucks, SUV’s, motorcycles and even specialized vehicles to name a few. 

We can transport large non-running vehicles. Provide us with the length, width, height, and approximate weight. You can learn more about shipping oversize vehicles on our specialized transport page. Is your inoperable vehicle a restored project car? You can transport inop vehicles enclosed. Our enclosed carriers have lift gates to ship non-running vehicles enclosed.

What Is Going to Determine the Cost to Ship My Inop Car?

Car shipping cost is one of the biggest concerns for most people shipping a car. Cost has many variables; the route, the distance, open or enclosed carrier, and the type of vehicle. Don’t fret about the cost. The extra cost compensates for the time and effort it will take our drivers to and load and unload your vehicle.

Roll, Steer and Break for Our Carriers

Even though we can transport non running vehicles, your vehicle needs to roll, steer, and break. Also, our trucks need the necessary space to load and unload your inoperable vehicle. We’ll need help at pickup and delivery locations to bring vehicle out to a safe and legal location. Or a smaller tow truck needs to bring vehicle out to/from our truck. If the vehicle does not roll and steer, we’ll need a forklift. 

Be sure to tell our transport specialist about the condition of your vehicle. Issues and extra fees may arise if you fail to inform ahead of time. Extra fees include; sending a carrier without proper equipment, dry run, delay, and fuel. If you are not sure of the vehicle’s condition, ask the releasing party to go out and test drive the vehicle.
Non-Running Auto Transport

Personalized Approach

We walk you through the entire process. Stress-free solutions no matter what your shipment needs are. 

Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage is included to your shipment as part of the FMCSA license and insurance regulations.

Expedited Transport

Pickup and deliver your shipment as fast as possible. Same day-next day services when available. 

Help and Support 24/7

Our hours extend a 9 to 5 transport company. We are always available to answer your transportation questions.

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