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Los Angeles is a great place to live in, and if you require reliable auto transport service to or from Los Angeles, Nationwide United is the vehicle shipping provider to assist you. Whether you need car shipping for an extended vacation in Los Angeles or moving to Los Angeles, we provide a fast and easy way to ship your vehicle to Los Angeles or anywhere in California. Don’t stress over having to find a trustworthy company, let us handle your next car transport while you enjoy the many amazing areas in Los Angeles, CA.

Located on Southern California‘s Pacific coast, Los Angeles has long been known as a city of dreams, a place for the dispossessed or disillusioned to start over and rebuild their lives. In the course of the twentieth century it grew to be the second-largest city in the United States and the hub of a five-county metropolitan area. A tourist magnet known for its sunny climate, beautiful beaches, and entertainment industry, Los Angeles in recent decades has experienced the downside of urban expansion, with its well-publicized air pollution, traffic congestion, and racial and ethnic tensions. Yet the city remains a colorful, thriving metropolis working to overcome the problems of suburban sprawl as it heads into a new century. Los Angeles is located in southern California, on the Pacific Coast, with the Santa Monica Mountains to the north and the San Gabriel Mountains to the east.

Auto Transport to and from Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known for its crowded, labyrinthine freeway system, which offers access to the city through multiple north-south and east-west routes. The major north-south highways are I-5 (the Golden State and Santa Ana freeways), I-15 (which extends from the Canadian border to San Diego), US Highway 101 (the Ventura and Hollywood freeways), extending south along the Pacific coast from Washington State, and State Highway 1 (the Pacific Coast Highway), stretching along the coast from San Diego to San Francisco and beyond. East-west freeways include I-8, which runs between California and Arizona, I-10 (the San Bernardino and Santa Monica freeways), which traverses the country between Santa Monica and Jacksonville, Florida, and I-40, stretching from California to Tennessee.

Auto Transport to and from Los Angeles is a daily norm at Nationwide United. We traverse the highways and freeways that lead to Los Angeles on a weekly basis. Many of the vehicles we’re shipping are picking up or delivering in Los Angeles and its outskirts. If you are looking for reliable Los Angeles auto transport company or just simply need car shipping quote, feel free to contact us 800-311-8305.

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