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You have a trailer shipment but have no truck or driver to transport it, what do you do now?

With our nationwide power only service, we provide you the truck and driver to transport your trailer shipment to your specified destination. These include flatbeds, dry vans, 5th wheel – travel trailers, mobile equipment, and other trailer mounted loads. You prepare your trailer for transport, our power only dedicated truck picks up and delivers.

What Is Power Only Transport?

Power only means shipper has a trailer (loaded or empty) and needs a truck (power only) to transport it. The trailer is prepared by the shipper and drivers simply connect the pre-loaded trailers to their trucks, haul it away and drop it off . 

While most companies transport their cargo with their own trucks and trailers, there are many companies who only own the trailers for their cargo. Generally, companies who consider power-only service are companies that:

1 | Don’t transport shipments on a regular basis
2 | Have trucks and drivers, but not for a long distance transport
3 | Are short-handed with trucks
4 | May be having mechanical issues with their own truck

Expert & Reliable Power Only Carriers

Power-only loads are a win-win situation for both the companies and the carriers transporting the load. Companies can save money on buying trucks, maintenance of trucks and driver wages, while carriers can save money on buying trailers and maintenance of trailers.  

Our power only service allows you to move your shipment locally or nationwide. We are not only limited  to one truck and driver. Depending on the size and quantities of your loads, we can also provide an entire fleet of trucks and drivers. To better understand which power only truck will be best for you, just provide us with details on your load, schedule and quantity. 

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