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With over 20 years of reliable RV shipping in the U.S., we are truly America’s best RV movers.


We are experts in RV shipping

Nationwide United Auto Transport is your trusted source for all RV transport and trailer transport needs. We have over 20 years of experience safely transporting various trailer types across the United States, including RV’s, travel trailers, camper trailers, fifth wheels, motorhomes, cargo trailers, toy haulers, camper vans, and more. Our reputation as one of the best RV transport companies in the industry is built on our reliable RV transport service and the ability to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Whether you’re in the process of relocating and need to move your RV, looking to purchase a new or used trailer from a dealership, or require professional trailer transportation for your business, we’ve got you covered.

Monica R.
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Nationwide United Auto Transport is a fantastic company!! I had my RV transported from Oregon all the way to Colorado and the shipping was fast and easy. The price was lower than all of the other quotes I had received online and in-person. Customer service was excellent!!
Marisa L.
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This was a great experience from start to finish. From regular, consistent communication with the company, to good experience with dispatch, to phenomenal service with the driver, Yonathan. In the end, the driver arrived *at the minute* he estimated, and worked with me for over an hour to get the trailer perfectly placed on the property. Highly recommend, and would book again. Thank you!
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These guys did a a great job getting my Bruder camper to me. Jim was extremely responsive, and I was impressed that every time I called with a question or concern someone answered the phone and could either answer my question or find someone who could.
Ruben A.
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I bought a 36" 5th wheel travel trailer that weighted 13,000 lb.'s in TX and wanted it in SC. I was going crazy with some of the quotes I was getting to move it. Then I found Nationwide on the internet and it was easy sailing after that. Great job, no hassles, no extras. They sure know what they are doing. I recommend them to anyone.
Sheri C.
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Prompt, courteous service. We hired to transport our 5th Wheel Redwood to its summer location. We would definitely utilize their services again.
Jim V.
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NUAT was great to work with , they took care of everything moving our RV . They were on time and polite and made our experience awesome.
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Our RV transport was a seamless experience with Nationwide United. I especially liked their driver, Mike. Finding an RV transport wasn't easy and I was very happy to find such a fast, reliable company to work with. They made everything super easy!
Nichole D.
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I moved from NC to MA and had to leave my camper behind, I couldn't get back down to NC to get it myself so I was on the hunt to find a "hauler." Ben at nationwide offered exceptional customer service and ease in coordinating the transport up here.
Shari S.
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Ben was fantastic to work with! He made my first time transport of my 5th wheel a breeze. I highly recommend Nationwide United Auto Transport. I will definitely be using them again!
Kathleen P.
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I bought a Airstream vintage camper online 2500 miles away from home during a difficult time to travel; Ben and Chris and their NUAT team were efficient, professional and communicated well every step of the way.

20+ Years Experience

Licensed & Insured

4.9 Star Rated

A+ BBB Accredited

RV Transport Services

Tow Away

90% of the RVs and trailers we move are through our RV towing service. This simple and cost-effective trailer towing service involves securely towing the RV or trailer behind a specialized tow vehicle.

  • Bumper Pulls, Fifth Wheels, Goosenecks, Pintle Hooks
  • Campers, Travel Trailers, Cargo Trailers
  • CDL Drivers
towing travel trailer
motor home transport

Flatbed Hauling

This is where we set ourselves apart from other RV transport companies. Our flatbed hauling service is commonly used to transport RV motorhomes and trailers that are either too large and heavy, inoperable, or otherwise not suitable to be towed on their own.

  • Standard and oversize 20′-53′ flatbeds
  • Single and multi-unit deliveries
  • Center track, ball stands, wheel bonnets, ramps, etc.

Drive Away

Affordability is the most notable advantage of driveaway service. A personalized licensed and insured driver will get behind the wheel and drive the RV to delivery destination.

  • Class A, B, C Motorhomes
  • CDL Drivers
rv motorhome drive away service

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Our RV and trailer movers frequently ship

Our highly skilled and experienced drivers are prepared for any trailer hitch combination, including fifth wheel hitch, bumper pull, gooseneck, pintle hook, and other various types of ball hitches. As expert camper movers, we take pride in our RV transport services, ensuring you can trust us to safely transport your travel trailer, camper, or RV anywhere in the U.S.

  • Bumper Pull Trailers
  • Camper Trailers
  • Hot Shot Trailers
  • Boat Trailers
  • Travel Trailers
  • Cargo Trailers
  • Horse Trailers

Nationwide RV Moving Service Throughout the U.S.

βˆ™ Alabama 
βˆ™ Arizona
βˆ™ Arkansas 
βˆ™ California 
βˆ™ Colorado 
βˆ™ Connecticut 
βˆ™ Delaware 
βˆ™ Florida 
βˆ™ Georgia 
βˆ™ Idaho 
βˆ™ Illinois 
βˆ™ Indiana 
βˆ™ Iowa 

βˆ™ Kansas 
βˆ™ Kentucky 
βˆ™ Louisiana 
βˆ™ Maine 
βˆ™ Maryland 
βˆ™ Massachusetts 
βˆ™ Michigan 
βˆ™ Minnesota 
βˆ™ Mississippi 
βˆ™ Missouri 
βˆ™ Montana 
βˆ™ Nebraska 
βˆ™ Nevada 

βˆ™ New Hampshire 
βˆ™ New Jersey 
βˆ™ New Mexico 
βˆ™ New York 
βˆ™ North Carolina 
βˆ™ North Dakota 
βˆ™ Ohio 
βˆ™ Oklahoma 
βˆ™ Oregon 
βˆ™ Pennsylvania 
βˆ™ Rhode Island 
βˆ™ South Carolina 
βˆ™ South Dakota 

βˆ™ Tennessee 
βˆ™ Texas 
βˆ™ Utah 
βˆ™ Vermont 
βˆ™ Virginia 
βˆ™ Washington 
βˆ™ West Virginia 
βˆ™ Wisconsin 
βˆ™ Wyoming

How much does RV transport cost?

When considering the cost of RV transport, it’s important to understand that there is no set cost. Every transport request is unique, with its own set of requirements, meaning that no two transports are ever exactly the same. Here are some general factors that are taken into account when determining the cost of RV transport:

Factor 1: Distance
Where are we picking up and delivering your RV or trailer? The distance of the shipment is one of the most significant factors that will determine the cost. Longer distances will typically cost more than shorter ones.

Factor 2: Type of RV or Trailer
What’s the year make and model of your RV or trailer? Larger, heavier units, such as Class A motorhomes, will cost more to transport than smaller Pop Up campers.

Factor 3: Shipping Method
Do you prefer tow-away, hauling or driveaway service? Although most of the RVs and trailers we move are via our towing service, we also offer hauling service for units that cannot be towed on their own and driveaway service for motorhomes.

Factor 4: Seasonality
When is your RV or trailer ready for transport? The time of year can also affect the cost of shipping. Shipping demand during summer months is typically higher which can drive up prices. Alternatively, in the off-season, less demand can lead to lower prices.

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How to prepare your RV for shipping

We ask that you carefully prepare your RV or travel trailer. Following these simple steps will help make sure that there are no safety incidents or delays during transport.

Check your trailer lights

Check your trailer lights to ensure they are working properly. ( brake, turn, clearance, license plate etc.) Trailer Wheels & Axles: Inspect the wheels and axles on your trailer for proper lubrication. It is recommended that bearings, bearing seals and bearing cups on a trailer be greased every 12 months or 12,000 miles.

Check your trailer’s weight rating

Do NOT overload your RV trailer. Check the gross trailer weight rating (GTWR) of your trailer to prevent overloading. Overloading your RV trailer can lead to tire blowouts, resulting in damage to the trailer.

Secure personal items

Any personal items inside your trailer or RV must be properly secured. Make sure cabinet doors are closed, locked if possible, and any items that are not mounted, be removed or placed in a secure area in the trailer.

Disconnect power supply

Disable your trailer’s power supply to prevent any accidental activation of electrical components or battery drainage. Unplugging appliances and disconnecting the battery are two ways to effectively shut down the power supply.

Remove hazardous materials

Gas tanks, propane tanks, ammunition or any possible dangerous materials should be removed from the trailer. Our carriers can be fined if such items are found in the trailer while in transport.

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Understanding Trailer Transport Differences

It’s important to understand the differences in recreation vehicles, travel trailers and campers, especially when it comes time to transporting. Although these terms β€” among others β€” are often used interchangeably, there are some notable differences.

RV Transport

Recreational vehicles are typically some sort of motor-home. They are equipped with a few of the amenities of home and can be motorized or non-motorized. RV movers will generally haul, tow or drive-away the recreational vehicle to its destination. 

  • RV Towing: Most often, a dually pickup truck with a matching hitch will hook up and tow the RV.  
  • RV Hauling: Recreational vehicle is loaded on to a wedge or flatbed trailer for transport. There is no towing involved. 

Trailer Transport

Trailers are basically an unpowered vehicle towed by another. Trailers are used for a combination of things, but generally the function of a trailer is to haul something. The important thing to know about a trailer is that they are not motorized.

  • Trailer Towing: Most often, a dually pickup truck with a matching Bumper Pull or Fifth-Wheel hitch will hook up and tow the trailer.  
  • Trailer Hauling: Trailer is loaded on to another wedge or flatbed trailer for transport. There is no hooking and towing involved. 

Camper Transport

Camper is another term for travel trailers. Campers come in a variety of trailers such as popups, truck campers, teardrops and others. 

  • Camper Towing: Most often, our camper movers will have a dually pickup truck that will hook up and tow the camper. 
  • Camper Hauling: Camper is loaded on to a wedge or flatbed type trailer for transport.

Motorhome Transport

A “motorhome” is another term for recreational vehicles (RVs). Motorhomes can vary in size and style, including Class A, Class B, and Class C motorhomes.

  • Motorhome Hauling: Motorhomes that are too big, heavy, or non-operational, are moved using our flatbed hauling service.

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Insurance coverage is included to your shipment as part of the FMCSA license and insurance regulations.

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Our hours extend a 9 to 5 auto transport company. We are always available to answer your transportation questions.

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