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Types Of RV Transport Services

travel trailer transport

Tow Away

RV tow away involves using a vehicle, such as a truck to tow an RV from one location to another. The type of hitch used to tow the trailer varies depending on the weight and size of the RV being towed, as well as the towing capacity of the vehicle being used.

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Flatbed Hauling

Typically, a Class A motorhome is transported on a lowboy trailer due to its larger size and weight, while smaller Class B or Class C motorhomes are usually transported on flatbeds or wedge trailers.

rv motorhome drive away service


The most notable advantage of the drive-away service is its affordability. With this service, a licensed and insured driver will personally drive the RV to its delivery destination.

Monica R.
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Nationwide United Auto Transport is a fantastic company!! I had my RV transported from Oregon all the way to Colorado and the shipping was fast and easy. The price was lower than all of the other quotes I had received online and in-person. Customer service was excellent!!
Marisa L.
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This was a great experience from start to finish. From regular, consistent communication with the company, to good experience with dispatch, to phenomenal service with the driver, Yonathan. In the end, the driver arrived *at the minute* he estimated, and worked with me for over an hour to get the trailer perfectly placed on the property. Highly recommend, and would book again. Thank you!
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These guys did a a great job getting my Bruder camper to me. Jim was extremely responsive, and I was impressed that every time I called with a question or concern someone answered the phone and could either answer my question or find someone who could.
Ruben A.
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I bought a 36" 5th wheel travel trailer that weighted 13,000 lb.'s in TX and wanted it in SC. I was going crazy with some of the quotes I was getting to move it. Then I found Nationwide on the internet and it was easy sailing after that. Great job, no hassles, no extras. They sure know what they are doing. I recommend them to anyone.
Sheri C.
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Prompt, courteous service. We hired to transport our 5th Wheel Redwood to its summer location. We would definitely utilize their services again.
Jim V.
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NUAT was great to work with , they took care of everything moving our RV . They were on time and polite and made our experience awesome.
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Our RV transport was a seamless experience with Nationwide United. I especially liked their driver, Mike. Finding an RV transport wasn't easy and I was very happy to find such a fast, reliable company to work with. They made everything super easy!
Nichole D.
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I moved from NC to MA and had to leave my camper behind, I couldn't get back down to NC to get it myself so I was on the hunt to find a "hauler." Ben at nationwide offered exceptional customer service and ease in coordinating the transport up here.
Shari S.
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Ben was fantastic to work with! He made my first time transport of my 5th wheel a breeze. I highly recommend Nationwide United Auto Transport. I will definitely be using them again!
Kathleen P.
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I bought a Airstream vintage camper online 2500 miles away from home during a difficult time to travel; Ben and Chris and their NUAT team were efficient, professional and communicated well every step of the way.

Nationwide United Auto Transport is committed to outstanding customer service along with reliable rv transportation services

20+ Years Experience

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Nationwide RV Transport & Trailer Hauling

Ready to embark on your next adventure? Have your RV, travel trailer or fifth wheel transported anywhere in the U.S.

We are the most trusted RV transport company for towing and hauling RVs, motorhomes, and camper trailers. With over 15 years of experience in trailer and RV transport, we are equipped to safely transport new and used RV trailers, fifth wheel trailers, motorhomes, cargo trailers, toy haulers, camper vans, and other types of trailers across states or even the country. Our highly skilled and experienced drivers are ready for any trailer hitch combination, including fifth wheel towing hitch, bumper pull, gooseneck, pintle hook, and other various types of ball hitches.

RV Transport

Details We Need for RV Towing & Trailer Shipping:

  • Type: Is your RV a 5th Wheel, Toy-Hauler, Cargo Trailer, Double-Decker, etc.?
  • Condition of RV or Trailer: Is your trailer in operable condition?
  • Pickup Location: We kindly ask that we meet our driver at a nearby location with enough ample space to safely load your RV or trailer.
  • Route: We need to make sure there are no road restrictions that prohibit your trailer from traveling through.
  • Delivery Location: Same as pickup, we’ll meet our driver at a nearby location with enough ample space for safe RV delivery.

Trailer Transport Services

Transport your trailer anywhere in the country

RV Transport

Trailer Towing Service

Trailer towing service involves using a vehicle, such as a truck or SUV, to tow a trailer from one location to another. The type of hitch used to tow the trailer varies depending on the weight and size of the trailer being towed, as well as the towing capacity of the vehicle being used. Some examples of hitches that can be used for trailer towing service include ball hitches, pintle hitches, and fifth wheel hitches.

Trailer Hauling Service

Trailer hauling service refers to the transportation of a trailer by lifting and loading it onto another trailer, typically a wedge or flatbed trailer. This method does not involve hooking and towing the trailer. Once the trailer has been loaded onto the other trailer, it is secured and safely transported to its destination. This service is commonly used to move trailers that are too large, heavy, or otherwise difficult to tow on their own.

Camper Transport

Reliable camper transportation services anywhere in the United States

towing travel trailer

Camper Towing

When towing a camper trailer, it’s essential to use a truck or vehicle with sufficient towing power and to be mindful of the weight capacity of both the tow vehicle and the trailer. It’s also important to ensure that the towing hitch is the correct size and has sufficient weight capacity to support the weight of the trailer.

Camper Hauling

Camper hauling is a practical solution for transporting camper trailers that are not road-worthy. If your camper has a damaged axle or other issues, hauling it on a flatbed trailer can help you safely transport it to a repair shop or your desired destination. It’s a convenient option that allows you to ensure the safety of your trailer.

Fifth Wheel Transport

Tow or haul your fifth wheel across the country with our professional services

RV Transport

Fifth Wheel Towing

The most common way to transport a 5th wheel is to have a tow truck attach to the front and tow it behind. This is an easy process, but it can be dangerous if not done correctly. The truck towing the 5th wheel needs a special hitch attachment and has to meet certain safety requirements. Usually, a 1 ton dually pickup truck is used for this type of job.

Fifth Wheel Hauling

Another way to transport a 5th wheel is to use an RGN trailer, but this requires loading and unloading the trailer using a truck or crane. This option is more complex and has risks if not done correctly. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider the options and choose the method that is most suitable for your particular situation

motor home transport

Why Should I Get My RV Motorhome or Trailer Hauled?

There are a few reasons why you might choose to have your RV or trailer hauled

Hiring a professional company to haul your RV or trailer has several benefits. They take care of all the details, prevent wear and tear, and improve safety, especially if you lack experience driving or towing large units over long distances.

What to Look for In An RV Shipping Company?

Choosing the right RV transport company can be daunting, especially with the abundance of online options.

Preliminary research can make all the difference when finding the right RV transport company. To help you find the perfect RV mover, here are a few extra factors you can consider when looking for a top-rated transport service.

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Make sure you work with an actual RV moving company. Registered companies will have an (MC) number that you can easily check on the Department of Transportation website to confirm.


In addition to registration, the Department of Transportation (DOT) requires all registered RV movers  to have a valid driver’s license, and be fully bonded and insured. Generally, an insurance policy for RV transport service will cover damage to the RV caused by driver negligence.


When you hire someone for tow away RV services, be sure to check into the company’s years of experience. The best RV shipping companies have the experience, knowledge and resources to handle any RV move. An experienced company will provide the most stress free RV transport service available.


Look for an RV moving service that offers “the best way” not “the cheapest way” to move your RV. Companies with cheap rates tend to also have poor quality of service. When you compare the benefits of hiring a reputable RV  transport company with the cost, you will find its value. 


What are customers saying about the company? Consider reading customer feedback from review sites such as BBBGoogleTransportReviews and TrustPilot. This will give you a sense of the RV shipping company and their reputation.  

Preparing your RV prior to Shipping

We ask that you carefully prepare your RV or trailer for transport

By following these straightforward steps, you can ensure safe and timely RV transport by minimizing the risk of safety incidents and delays.

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Make sure to check all the lights on your trailer, including the brake, turn, clearance, and license plate lights, to ensure that they are working correctly. Additionally, inspecting the wheels and axles on your trailer for proper lubrication is important. We recommend greasing the bearings, bearing seals, and bearing cups on your trailer every 12 months or 12,000 miles.


Make sure to avoid overloading your RV trailer. Always check your trailer’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) to ensure you stay within the recommended limits.

Hitch Type

All trailers require a specific hitch type based on their gross vehicle weight. It is crucial to ensure that your trailer is equipped with the appropriate hitch type for safe towing.

Personal Items

Ensure that any personal items inside your trailer or RV are properly secured. Make sure that cabinet doors are closed and locked, if possible, and that any items that are not mounted are either removed or placed in a secure area within the trailer.

Power Supply

Disable your trailer’s power supply.

Hazardous Materials

Before transport, you should remove all gas, propane, ammunition, or other potentially dangerous materials. If our carriers transport such items inside the trailer, they may be subject to fines.

Personalized Approach

We walk you through the entire RV transport process. Stress-free solutions no matter what your shipment needs are. 

Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage is included to your shipment as part of the FMCSA license and insurance regulations.

Expedited RV Transport

Pickup and deliver your RV as fast as possible. Same day-next day services when available. 

Help & Support 24/7

Our hours extend a 9 to 5 auto transport company. We are always available to answer your transportation questions.