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For over 15 years Nationwide United has served thousands of private car collectors, exotic car dealers and auto industry professionals with a preferable enclosed auto transport service. 

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Enclosed auto transport is the preferred shipping method to protect your vehicle during transport. As you might have guessed, vehicles are shipped in covered trailers that guard against weather and road conditions during transport. Your car is protected against the same elements you encounter while driving, such as rain, sun, dust, debris and others.


Hard Side Enclosed Carrier


We only operate hard-side covered carriers for all of our enclosed car transports.
Soft Strap Enclosed Auto Transport


We secure vehicles using soft straps that surrounds the tires and anchor to car hauler.
Enclosed Auto Shipping Lift Gate


Our enclosed carriers are equipped with lift gates and low-profile ramps.
Non Stacking Enclosed Carrier


Unlike the 7 car carrier, the “hot-shot” 2-3 car enclosed carrier is non-stack .


We offer faster pickup and delivery times with our enclosed two-car trailers. Unlike a 6 car enclosed carrier that demands accommodations for 6 different vehicles, our hot shot enclosed carriers transport your car by itself or with one other car allowing us to have to accommodate for only 1 or 2 cars. You get a dedicated driver that will focus solely on picking up and delivering your auto in less time than it would normally take. In addition to faster transit times, two-car enclosed carriers are “non-stack” trailers. Your auto is loaded and shipped without having to stack it below or on top of other cars.

Hot Shot Enclosed Carrier


If you are looking for enclosed auto transport service Nationwide United is your go-to company. Get the added safety and protection your vehicle deserves during transport. Whether you require enclosed vehicle transport for your luxury, classic or exotic vehicle have peace of mind knowing your vehicle will be fully protected and in good hands. We truly are America’s enclosed auto transport marketplace. Hiring a quality company for enclosed car shipping can be a challenge, especially with hundreds of poor rated companies offering enclosed car transport services. It begins with unrealistic quotes followed by lousy customer service and ends with your vehicle being damaged. It defeats the purpose of protecting your vehicle when you deal with an unreliable transport company. We are proud to say we are a reliable transport company. We offer you peace of mind and your vehicle safety and security. Our team of enclosed carriers specialize in every type of antique, luxury, high end, collector, hot rod and classic car transport. We’ve earned every enclosed auto transport, in large part due to the fact our priority is to deliver autos damage free and in a timely matter. We understand every vehicle owner and their vehicle’s transport needs. Our established fleet of top rated enclosed carriers is the reason why our reputation as a premier enclosed auto shipping company has grown.  We hire only the best drivers in the industry accompanied with the best safety records. They understand the importance of protecting every vehicle assigned to them and take all necessary safe handling measures to assure damage free delivery.

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In our case, we only use hard-sided carriers for our enclosed transport service, unless we’re dealing with an oversize vehicle, in which case a soft-sided carrier could possibly be an option. When a company assigns an enclosed truck to pickup your vehicle, you will see one of two trucks.

Hard-Side Enclosed Carriers
Are fully covered aluminum, tin or fiberglass trailers. There’s three types of hard-side car carriers;
A 6 car carrier is normally equipped with a lift-gate mechanism to load and handle low clearance vehicles. This carrier looks very similar to other semi truck trailers on the road.    There’s also the 2-3 car and single car carrier often referred to as ‘hot-shot’ trailers. The 2-3 car and single car carriers are equipped with rear ramp doors to load vehicles and most often will also have a winch system to handle inoperable vehicles. 

Soft-Side Enclosed Carriers
Have a steel frame structure with only three solid walls which is the roof, front and back of the trailer. The sides of the carrier are covered by retractable canvas type curtains. In some cases, when dealing with a vehicle that is too wide or too tall, the use of a soft-side enclosed carrier is necessary to accommodate the vehicle’s specs.

6 Car Hard Side Carrier

6 Car Hard Side Enclosed

2-3 Car Hard Side Enclosed Carrier

2-3 Car Hard Side Enclosed

Single Car Hard Side Carrier

Single Car Hard Side Enclosed

Soft Side Enclosed Car Carrier

Soft-Side Enclosed Carrier

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