Flatbed Trucking

Our versatile flatbed trucking fleet is able to transport any type of large load. No matter the size of your freight load, we have the right trailer to meet your needs perfectly.

Flatbed Transportation & Freight Shipping

Our flatbed trucking provides efficient freight shipping solutions for all sizes. Whether your load is over dimensional, too tall, wide or heavy our staff are experts at matching the right flatbed trailer for your load. We exceed every customer’s expectations by providing professional experience and safety for a seamlessly flatbed transportation anywhere in the U.S.

Many of our customers need flatbed trucks for any type of freight that does not require temperature control and/or protection from inclement weather. Because flatbed trailers are open sided, they are great for non-perishable loads such as:

  • Construction materials
  • Machinery
  • Boxed cargo
  • And most any other large items.

Their wall-less design allows for cranes and forklifts to load from all angles without the need for loading/unloading docks.

Flatbed Trailer Equipment Configurations

Every flatbed transport is different. Flatbed trailers are only a base model from which other trailer types derive. Depending on your shipment, flatbed trucking may not be your best option. Get customized solutions to fit your exact needs with our multiple truck configurations:

  • Standard Flatbed
  • Step Deck
  • Double Drop
  • RGN
  • Extendable Trailer
  • Curtain-side

We need to discuss your load’s specific needs to match you with the right type of equipment.

Cargo: Is your load an oversize vehicle, boxed freight, heavy haul etc. ?
Dimensions: Length, height, width and weight. Dimensions must be verified.
Pickup/Delivery Locations: How far will load be traveling? Where is it picking up and delivering?
Route: What permits and related legal documentation is required to legally and safely travel our route?
Schedule: Are we working with a moving schedule? How soon or late can we pick up and deliver?


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