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With our full range of trailer configurations, get truck transport solutions for your lifted, oversized ,dually and heavy duty trucks.

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As a leader in the vehicle transportation industry, interstate and nationwide truck transport is our specialty. With our full range of trailer configurations you are not limited to just stock trucks, you will also find truck transport solutions for your lifted, oversized, dually and heavy duty trucks.

Unloading Pickup Trucks Transport

What Is Truck Transport?

Truck transport is the transportation or shipping of any stock truck. A standard non-modified truck; for example, F150, F250 and F350 is considered a stock truck.

Generally, stock trucks have single wheel axles with either short or long beds and normally fall under the following specifications:

  • They are under 20′ in length
  • Are less than 7′ wide
  • Are 6′ and few inches tall
  • And have an approx weight range between 4,000lbs to 6,500lbs.

Any truck exceeding these specifications is considered either modified and/or oversized. Please inform your transport specialist if your truck transport exceeds the stock truck specifications as your truck shipping may require oversized vehicle transport service to accommodate its size.

Transport Dually Truck

Dually trucks have four rear tires with a wider body type. They are normally built for heavy towing, lifting or other utility working purposes.

Due to their width and height measurements, dually truck in some cases may not be hauled on a standard auto transport carrier.

If you provide us with the exact vehicle measurements we can advise and provide you with the appropriate truck shipping option to handle your dually truck.

Heavy Duty & Utility Truck Shipping

We can handle any heavy duty and utility truck transport, no matter how big or small. We have the capacity, knowledge and equipment to handle any heavy large truck such as, but no limited to:

  • Dump trucks
  • Fire trucks
  • Emergency vehicles and trucks
  • Construction trucks
  • Utility trucks
  • Tow trucks
  • Multi-stop trucks
  • And more…
Transporting Dually Truck On Carrier

Enclosed Truck Transport

Do you need to protect your truck while in transport? We got you covered, literally. Your truck transport is not limited to the standard open carrier option. In the event you’re contemplating on shipping your truck enclosed, please be advised you also have the option of shipping trucks enclosed.

Visit our enclosed auto transport page for additional information on enclosed truck shipping.

Cost of Shipping a Truck

The cost to transport a truck, unlike other products and services, does not have a set dollar amount. Because no two truck transports are the same, our shipping experts will gather all details specific to your move and use the following variables to determine an accurate truck transport cost:

  • Origin and Delivery Locations – Interstate or nationwide.
  • Vehicle Specifications – Length, width, height and weight.
  • Carrier Type – Standard Carrier, step-deck, flatbed, hotshot, lowboy or RGN.

For an instant shipping quote please give us a call 1800-311-8305. We are on standby and ready to assist you with your truck transport. Safe drivers and reliable equipment means your truck will arrive intact, in great condition and generally on time.

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