Should You Ship Your Car for College?

Once you finally hit the age of 17-18, it is your time to get into college if that is what you choose to pursue. Well let’s say that you plan to across the country because you want to explore more of the country. Will you take your car with you? Your family and home-friends will probably tell you to leave your car at home because having a car is fairly expensive when you mark up maintenance, gas, and insurance. However, not having a car can cost you more in both money, time quality, and freedom.

Whether you are dorming an hour or more away, or going to college across the country, you will need a car to get you to an off campus,  job interviews, parties, shopping, and visiting people. Though the cost of owning a car is expensive, it can be outweighed by the money you are making working at a good job that is a decent drive from your college. Many colleges have interview and internship opportunities that will give you the chance to finally make some decent money to not only survive but have some money to pursue your wants. Not every college has great means of transportation, so a car can take you to the places you want to go without having to wait for buses or trains.

The Cost
The biggest concerns for car cost when going to college is insurance and a parking permit. Later comes maintenance, gas, and all these other worst-case scenario costs. Like we mentioned before though, there is plenty of good that a car can bring you, especially if it takes you to a job that is in your major, that you enjoy, and that makes good money. But let us look beyond that because most people do not get these opportunities during their first year of college.

Let us look at this in the budgeting stance. A car is one of the biggest costs in life, no matter how old you are, but this works to your advantage because you are most likely to save more knowing that you have less money to spend. It is gut-wrenching to get a pay check and see one-third or more of it go away because off your car expenses, but you are going to want to save more money because you either want to be prepared for an emergency or just don’t like seeing your bank account low. You will most likely be shopping for only the necessities and building that savings account instead of using up that money buying tons of clothes, expensive food, and going out too often. If you want to visit a state, you can do so at a cheaper price point when you drive compared to plane or train ticket prices.

Going Home & Road Trips
Having a car means that you can visit your family whenever you want. If you across the country, using an auto transport company is generally easy, but you could also go for a road trip. You get to see more of the country (one of the reasons you moved across the country) when you drive back to your family, but you probably do not want to do this all the time because it takes days to go across the country. This is where a car transport company comes in because you can book to have your vehicle transported and all you need to worry about after that is pickup, delivery, and getting a plane ticket to go home. You do get a little home sick when you are off on your own, so having a car makes it possible to visit your family whenever you need to, but to also have more freedom to go places when visiting. If you are not visiting home, you can make many mini road trips on a free weekend or visit one of your friend’s cities on a free day.

Managing Your Time
College does demand you to have a schedule if you want to be successful. Your week is taken up by classes that can take several hours, study time, then some homework. But you are going to need some time with your friends, getting lunch, working out, and going out so that you do not go insane with the high demand of college. Having a car saves you way more time, even if you are going to the store for a few things. Instead of taking an hour or more walking back and forth and limiting how much you can get because you don’t want to walk with a bunch of bags, you can use a car to get you to the store in 5 minutes and you can take all the groceries you need.

You Don’t Need to Drive Home
Some may choose to leave their car at home because they would rather not drive to and from their home and college that are several states apart. Nowadays, we have auto transport companies that can easily ship your car to where ever you need it. Simply transport your car before the school year, then ship it back for the holiday and summer break. In between all that time, you can do whatever you want with your car. Sure, transporting your car is not the cheapest thing, but if you save up for over 4-6 months, you should have more than enough for a transport to and from your family’s home.

A vehicle is a major convenience for anyone, but especially college students. You do not have to ask for rides, you can easily get what you need, you can hangout with friends easier, and you can make a schedule that can balance your studies and your freedoms. The invention of the vehicle was made for two reasons: business can be conducted faster and more efficiently, and for convenience. Do not feel worried about the up-front costs of a car because there are many benefits that a car produces and less concerns (on average). Remember to call an auto transport company so you can stay connected with your family while still having your car on the vacation weeks.

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